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WhatsApp Business API
for businesses

Integrate WhatsApp Business API into your multichannel marketing strategy.

You will improve the standard of your customer service, standing out significantly in today's competitive market.
In addition to offering your customers an exceptional and differentiating experience.

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What is WhatsApp Business API ?

WhatsApp Business API is a communication channel that facilitates automated, direct, personalized, and large-scale communication with your customers.

Through WhatsApp, you can have real-time conversations with your customers around the world. Send more engaging mass communications, including images, videos, locations, documents, or buttons.

98% open rate

of WhatsApp messages

+ 2 billion users,

around 33% of the world population

42 million messages

sent every day

Average of 38 minutes a day

in the use of this channel

76% of users

from WhatsApp wants to communicate with businesses

Key results for companies using WhatsApp


Use WhatsApp Business API to boost your business

Discover the use of WhatsApp for businesses

Envios de Whatsapp para empresas

Implement WhatsApp for Business
into your Business Strategy

Integrating WhatsApp for business into your communication strategy requires careful planning and a strategic approach.

It is crucial to have an expert team in communication technologies and digital marketing such as 360nrs to ensure an effective implementation and in line with WhatsApp regulations.
Introduce WhatsApp for business and maximize your multichannel strategy with the world's most popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp API provides you with the tools you need to increase interaction and improve the efficiency of your customer service:

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WhatsApp Marketing

Boost your promotional communication with WhatsApp Business API, the perfect tool for creating impactful messages.

Establish a direct and personalized communication with your audience to inform about promotions, announce the launch of new services and increase the sales of your products.
With WhatsApp Business reach your customers in an effective and attractive way.
Send captivating campaigns, share visually appealing offers and encourage direct interaction with your customers. Your WhatsApp messages can include images, videos, buttons, locations and direct links to your website.

  • Send promotions and discount codes.
  • Create an exclusive loyalty club for your most loyal customers.
  • Reward your customers with VIP or special offers.
  • Recover abandoned carts, turning lost opportunities into successful sales.
Customer service by WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp reminders and notifications

Customer service with WhatsApp Business API

Optimize your customer service with WhatsApp Business API and provide immediate assistance to your customers.

WhatsApp has become an essential tool for customer service. Now, you have the ability to respond agilely to conversations with your customers.
Elevate the quality of your support service, providing your customers with immediate assistance.
The immediacy of WhatsApp Business API allows you to always be available, building solid relationships and fostering trust in your brand. Furthermore, it will help you to know firsthand the opinions of your customers.

  • Configure quick replies, indicate opening hours, show your address and your website.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Collect data and specific characteristics of consumers.
  • Boost your reputation by getting reviews from your customers.
  • Solve incidents and queries from your customers.

Sending reminders, notifications, and transactional messages through WhatsApp Business API

Carry out the sending of transactional messages, such as registration confirmations, double factor authentication, and order receipt confirmations.

Keep your customers informed at all times through reminders and instant notifications.
Whether reminding important appointments, providing crucial updates, confirming orders and deliveries, or sharing relevant information, it directly connects with your audience agilely and effectively.
Thanks to WhatsApp, your customers can:

  • Confirm or modify your appointments.
  • Track your orders in real time.
  • Send personalized reminders.
  • Send OTP passwords.
WhatsApp Business API

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Analyze and optimize your WhatsApp campaigns

Examine in detail all the interactions of your users, obtain valuable reports with which you will be able to optimize your campaigns, create new ones based on your results and increase your sales.

Complete message statistics sent, delivered, rejected, read, and clicks within a specific time range.

Know the specific interaction for each button.

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