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Text to Speech

Instantly transform your messages into voice.

Simply write your text and our platform will automatically transform it into a voice call.
Personalize your message by selecting the voice you like most from our catalog, with options for female and male voices in various languages.

What is Text To Speech?

Text To Speech, also known as voice SMS, are text messages that our platform automatically converts into voice messages

Instead of receiving an SMS in their inbox, your customers will receive a phone call with your message. Additionally, you can choose from more than 20 voices and in different languages, choosing the one that best suits your company.

What is Text To Speech?

Why do large companies use Text to Speech?

Increase in calls

In recent years, promotional voice calls have increased by 40%, highlighting the need for brands to use this channel.

Time Saving

TTS reduces the time needed to generate voice messages by 70% compared to manual recording.

95% listening rate

Voice calls have a 95% listen rate. Make your messages reach your customers!

Increase your efficiency

Increase your team's efficiency by 650% by making mass calls in seconds.

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Some examples of voice SMS uses for your business

Text to speech is a service with multiple possibilities, depending on your company's needs

Frequently asked questions about the TTS system from 360nrs

Answer all your questions about using our platform with Text to Speech

FAQs Text2Speech
How can I customize the voice in Text to Speech?

On our platform, you can easily personalize the voice of your Text to Speech messages by selecting from a variety of male and female voices available in different languages. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs and brand identity from our catalog.

Is it possible to send Text to Speech messages in multiple languages?

Yes, our platform supports text-to-speech conversion in multiple languages, allowing you to reach a global audience. You can send your TTS messages in your customers' preferred language to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What type of messages are most effective with Text to Speech?

Text to Speech messages are especially effective for urgent or informative communications such as payment reminders, appointment confirmations, security alerts, and logistics tracking. The immediacy and personalization of voice make the message more attractive and better received.

Is Text to Speech a suitable tool for all companies?

Yes, Text to Speech is a versatile tool that can be adapted to any type of company, from startups to large corporations. It is ideal for internal and external communications, allowing effective and personalized communication with customers and employees.

What do I need to start using Text to Speech in my company?

To start using Text to Speech, simply sign up for free on our platform, select the package that suits your needs, and start sending voice messages. No additional software installation is required, and we offer support in over 180 countries.

How is the privacy and security of messages sent via Text to Speech ensured?

The security and privacy of your messages is a priority for us. Our platform complies with the strictest data protection regulations, ensuring that all information is handled with the highest security standards and is only shared with providers under strict confidentiality agreements.

What exactly is Text to Speech technology?

Text to Speech (TTS) is an advanced technology that converts written text into spoken audio. Use artificial intelligence to simulate the human voice, allowing the text to be read aloud clearly and naturally. This technology can be applied in multiple sectors, including education, accessibility, entertainment, and virtual assistance, among others.

In which other sectors is Text to Speech technology commonly used?

In addition to marketing campaigns, Text to Speech technology has a wide range of applications. For example, in the education sector, it helps students with reading difficulties access written content. In the accessibility sector, it allows visually impaired people to receive information in an audible format. Likewise, in entertainment, it is used to create voices for virtual characters and in GPS navigation systems to provide voice instructions.

How can Text to Speech technology boost our clients' marketing campaigns?

In the field of marketing, Text to Speech allows personalizing communications and making them more dynamic and interactive. For example, it can be used to send special offer alerts, event reminders, or important updates instantly and in the voice that best represents the brand. This not only improves the customer experience but also increases the effectiveness of campaigns, generating greater engagement and response from the target audience.

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