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Certified SMS

The easiest, cheapest and more efficient way of certifying, with legal security ,
the delivery of a message.

Through the certified SMS you will get the same features than the ones offered by a Burofax or a certified letter but in an immediate way.

The Certified SMS will give the clients a legally valid certificate of the content of the message, as well as the moment in which the sending is produced and the reception of the message.

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What is a certified SMS?

Certified SMS is a text message. Once sent to a mobile phone, it generates a digitally signed certificate that is valid as evidence. This certificate has legal validity as proof thanks to compliance with the eIDAS standard and 360nrs certification as a trusted electronic services provider

This document reliably certifies the content of the message, as well as the date on which it was sent and the status of the message (whether or not it was finally delivered to its recipient).

 What is a certified SMS?

Advantages of Certified SMS with legal validity for your business


Certified SMS not only offers legal validity, but it is also more economical than other notification options, such as certified mail or Burofax.


It has legal validity as evidence in any process or court due to its official certificate status.


By sending certified SMS instead of certified letters, you will save paper and help the planet.

Immediate and bulk

Send your SMS and get your certificate immediately. In addition, you can automate processes, perform automatic and massive shipments through APIs,...

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Some examples of the use of certified SMS

The Certified SMS is an ideal service for all kind of entities that want a significant saving in the cost of their official notifications

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Send certified sms from the 360NRS platform. An economical and simple solution.

Acknowledgement of receipt

Acknowledgement of receipt to the Camefirma Certificate Authority

Reliability and fair price

The best price in the market guaranteed

Downloadable certificate

PDF format downloadable certificate


Service available 365 days a year during the 24 hours

Frequently asked questions about certified SMS from 360nrs

Answer all your questions about sending certified SMS

FAQs Certified SMS
How do certified SMS ensure legal security?

Certified SMS generate a digitally signed certificate that ensures the legal validity of the message, complying with eIDAS regulations and being recognized by trusted electronic service providers.

Which business processes benefit most from the use of certified SMS?

From official notification processes, collection management, to internal communications in human resources, certified SMS are ideal for a wide range of business applications that require legal confirmation of delivery and receipt.

How do certified SMS contribute to environmental sustainability?

By replacing paper with certified digital communications, certified SMS significantly reduce the use of natural resources, supporting sustainability initiatives and reducing companies' carbon footprints.

How are certified SMS integrated into a company's existing systems?

Through APIs, certified SMS can be automated and easily adapted to existing systems, allowing automatic and mass sending that aligns with business operations without interrupting workflows.

What type of acknowledgment of receipt is provided with certified SMS?

Each certified SMS is accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt issued by the Certification Authority Camerfirma, which guarantees the delivery and receipt of the message, and provides solid proof for legal processes and audits.

How does the cost of certified SMS compare with other methods of official notification?

Certified SMS offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods like Burofax or certified mail, eliminating costs associated with physical delivery and offering superior efficiency in terms of time and resources.

What is the availability of the certified SMS service?

The certified SMS service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that companies can send important notifications at any time, without worrying about holidays or off-hours.