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URL Shortener

Discover the integrated link shortener from 360nrs

Prepare your URLs for success in your multichannel strategy

Our URL shortener is the perfect solution to transform long addresses into short, memorable, and effective links, ideal for any communication channel.

Imagine being able to easily integrate these links into your SMS, emails, RCS, and WhatsApp campaigns, ensuring that your message reaches your audience directly and attractively.

Not only that, our advanced tracking and analysis tools will provide you with precise data on your links' performance, allowing you to continuously optimize your campaigns for the best results.

With our platform, you can customize links to reinforce your brand, creating a more professional image and gaining the trust of your users. Additionally, security is our top priority: all created links are secure and reliable, protecting both your company and your customers from any threat.

URL Shortener

How does our URL shortener work?

In the 360NRS module for Klaviyo you can configure your contacts to be automatically synchronized.


Create an account:

Easily sign up on our platform to start shortening your URLs.


Access URL tracking:

In the Tools and Settings menu, click on URL Tracking and enter the URL you want to shorten. Optionally, you can add an image, a title, and a description.



Use the shortened link in your campaigns from the Add URL button.



Use our analysis tools to measure the impact and effectiveness of your links.

Easily and effectively generate your shortened URLs in 360nrs Enjoy FREE BALANCE without hidden costs and without commitment.

Frequently asked questions about our URL Shortener

Answer all your questions about the usefulness and implementation of UTM links in your campaigns.

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What is a link shortener and how does the 360nrs one work?

A link shortener is a tool that converts long URLs into short, easy-to-remember links. The 360nrs link shortener allows you to transform long addresses into short and customizable links, ideal for integrating into SMS, email, RCS, and WhatsApp campaigns.

Simply create an account, enter the URL you want to shorten, customize it according to your needs, and use the link in your communications. Additionally, it offers advanced tracking and analysis tools to measure the performance of your links.

Why use a URL shortener in your SMS?

When creating your SMS, every detail counts, so it is important to use a reliable URL shortener. The benefits it brings with use:

  • Increase in conversions: A short link is not only more aesthetic but also facilitates user action. Being simpler and less intimidating, recipients are more likely to click on it, increasing the chances of conversion. In addition, certain devices can see the image assigned to that URL and its title and description, which conveys a much more attractive and professional look.
  • Accurate measurement: Using shortened URLs allows you to accurately track how many people are interacting with your links. This provides you with valuable data on your campaign's performance, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your future strategies.
  • Space optimization: In SMS marketing, space is gold. A simple and shortened URL leaves more space for the essential content of your message. This allows you to communicate more effectively and persuasively, without worrying about character limits.
Why use a URL shortener in your emails?

Using a URL shortener in your emails has several benefits. First, reduce the length of the links, making your email look cleaner and more professional. In addition, shortened links are easier to remember and type, especially if someone needs to copy them manually.

You can also track clicks on links, providing you with useful statistics about who is interacting with your emails. Finally, URL shorteners can include security measures to prevent recipients from encountering malicious links.

What type of analysis and tracking does the 360nrs link shortener offer?

The 360nrs link shortener offers advanced analysis and tracking tools that provide you with accurate data on the performance of your links. You can measure the number of interactions and other important parameters.
This information allows you to continuously optimize your campaigns for the best results.

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