20 years providing direct and quality B2C connections First multichannel platform with certificate ISO 27001 and Google Verified SMS

Solutions transactional and massive

We adapt to your digital needs


Massively customize your communications from any channel.

Get your promotions or news directly and efficiently to your customers. Perform A / B test, join all the channels in a single campaign or analyze all the results in detail.

SMS communications
Communications via e-mail


The easiest and safest verification.

Choose the most suitable channel to send your most sensitive security codes automatically and with guaranteed delivery: identity verification, payment gateways or resetting passwords.

Verification by SMS
Verification via e-mail


Establish a better relationship with your customer through the most appropriate channel for him.

Optimize the time of your employees and increase your sales automatically: abandoned carts, order confirmation, emergency notifications, unpaid collections, etc.

Alerts by SMS
Alerts via e-mail

Customer experience

Go in depth about the experience of your client with your company through satisfaction surveys.

They will help you to detect your weaknesses and boost your strengths to take advantage from your competitors. Choose the most appropriate channel for your business and send bulk your forms and surveys.

Customer SMS
Customer email

The # 1 Platform in Multichannel Marketing

Transactional and promotional communication solutions for companies or developers. Request demo

The corporate communication more efficient and without permanence

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Why choose 360NRS ?

An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

The most complete multichannel platform on the market, with all kinds of functionalities to improve communication with your customers and increase the conversion of your campaigns. From any channel, safely and effectively.

The safety is in our DNA

Send safely through our channels

  • First platform with Google Verified SMS. The verified SMS include the logo of your company, a description of your services and a badge verigied by Google that assures your clients that the sending is sent only and exlusively by your company.
  • We protect your account with 100% secure accesses through an insurmountable double authentication system.
  • We are certified ISO 27001 to guarantee optimal security and encryption of your data on our platform.
  • Direct and safe routes with guaranteed delivery at the best price.
Send safely through our channels

Multi-channel Marketing
Join the Multichannel Marketing without stress

Manage your SMS, Email, Voice and more campaigns from a single space

  • 360NRS is the first communication platform that allows you to manage the contents of all digital channels and distribute communications through all of them automatically.
  • Simplify processes and save time. Easy to use and intuitive, without hardware or software, you only need an internet connection and a web browser.
  • 360NRS allows you to enjoy automation without limits, marking the actions that the campaign will carry out in response to the actions of your clients and creating authentic dynamic campaigns so that the client receives your communications through their favorite channel.

The best price on the market

Enjoy different plans and services adapted to your needs

  • Fair price: Our platform is free to register and without permanence. Pay only for the messages you send. No hidden additional costs.
  • Send your national and international campaigns cheaper and with direct routes. We offer the most competitive prices worldwide in bulk and automated SMS sending.
Best price in Marketing

Multi-channel Marketing
The statistics more complete and accurate

Analyze accurately all the interactions of your target, get valuable reports to optimizing your campaigns and increase your sales. Create new campaigns in just a click based on the results.

  • Basic campaigns: 360NRS offers you detailed statistics by sending, campaign or channel, with exportable graphics and details of each interaction that each user performs among your campaign.
  • Automatic campaigns: When talking about automatic campaigns, 360NRS provides you the most updated statistics in real time. The platform will automatically include each sending that has been made automatically with the corresponding report.
  • TRIGGER CAMPAIGNS: The statistics about trigger campaigns, in addition to the more detailed statistics in the market, will provide you a general vision of the evolution of your campaigns, listing not only the interactions, but also the different steps carried out and the amount of users reached at each moment.

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