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Certified emails
with legal validity

Certified Email is an email that certifies the site and time of sending, the content, and its recipient, in real time and with legal validity.

A certified email has the same legal guarantees as a certified letter or burofax and serves as irrefutable proof that a communication has been sent and received.

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Certified email is an email that, once sent, generates a digitally signed certificate that is valid as proof. This thanks to a certificate that complies with eIDAS and has 360nrs as a trusted electronic service provider.

This document certifies the content and recipient of the message, as well as the date and place it was sent and the delivery status (whether it was successfully delivered or not).


Advantages of certified email for your business

Legal validity

Legally valid as evidence in any process or tribunal due to its official certificate nature.

Massive and easy to use

Sending a certified email is as simple as sending any campaign. You can also send your certified email massively.

Compatible with your email account

You only need an email account; you can send certified email from a free account or from your business email.


Your customers will receive your certified email in just a few seconds, being one of the fastest channels.

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Some examples of certified email uses

Certified email is a service with multiple possibilities, depending on your company's needs

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Send Certified Emails from the 360NRS platform. An economical and simple solution.

Acknowledgement of receipt

Acknowledgment to the Certifying Authority Camerfirma.

Reliability and fair price

We offer you the best price on the market for the service.

Downloadable certificate

Downloadable certificate in PDF format with legal validity.


Send your certified email from anywhere at any time.

Frequently asked questions about certified emails from 360nrs

Answer all your questions about sending certified emails

FAQs certified email
How can I verify the authenticity of a certified email?

You can verify the authenticity of a certified email through its digital certificate, which is unique and secure, issued by a trusted service provider.

What is the difference between a certified email and a regular email?

A certified email provides legal proof of delivery and message content, unlike a normal email which offers no legal guarantees of its sending or receipt.

Is special software needed to send a certified email?

You don't need special software; you can send certified emails from any standard email account through our platform.

Can I track the status of sent certified emails?

Yes, you can track the delivery status of each certified email from the platform, ensuring that the recipient has received the message.

What happens if a certified email is not delivered?

You will receive a notification if the email cannot be delivered, with details that will allow you to take additional steps to ensure delivery.

Can certified emails be sent to international email addresses?

Yes, certified emails can be sent to any email address in the world, maintaining their legal validity.

How can I ensure that my certified emails comply with eIDAS regulation?

Our platform ensures compliance with eIDAS regulation, ensuring that all certified emails have legal validity in the EU.

What types of documents can I attach to a certified email?

You can attach any type of document to your certified email, including PDFs, Word documents, images, and more, maintaining the integrity and certification of the content.