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Transactional SMS

Integrate in the more efficient way the sending of transactional SMS from your own Software

Join together all your transactional and marketing communications in a single platform so that you can focus on other importand aspects of your business.

The transactional messages are sent automatically when the client performs an action with your company as a purchase, payment, appointment, notifications or registration in your platform.
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Communicate with your clients in real time through the faster, most direct and cheaper channel

+ than 26,000 satisfied clients in 40 countries are using 360NRS as automated communication platform

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Connect with our APIs

Consult our documentation or developers area and integrate in few steps.

Send from your software

Obtain all the 360NRS functionalities without the need of using the platform: customize the SMS, receive the SMS, schedule sendings, consult and analyse your statistics.

Simplify and save time with the transactional SMS

Our APIs are designed to be the most intuitive possible. You will be able to integrate them no matter the programming language you use.

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Simplify and save time with transactional SMS
A big chance for your business

A big chance for your business

The opening rate of the Transactional SMS is situated around the 98%.

In addition, our solid structure allows us to send thousands of SMS in few minutes without latencies. Furthermore, we confirm the delivery or status of each SMS sent assuring you that your most important messages arrive to their destination in seconds.

Improve the client's confidence and experience

Real time communication

The option of the communication in real time and customized with your client contributes to create long term trustable relationships, translating into clients more loyal to your brand and therefore into more purchases.

Improve the client's confidence and experience
Analyze the results

Analyze the results

Precise and advanced statistics

Our service will provide precise and advanced statistics with which you will be able to take decisions about your future communications and know, with the maximum detail, each individual recipient of your database.

Download our guide free Guide for a succesful transactional SMS strategy.

What makes unique our atransacional SMS sendings?

Level of Service agreement

We provide a continuity of service higher than 99,9%.

Ticket management

Through our ESMSM (“Every SMS Matters”) policy we compromise to open an investigation and give an answer to all tickets in a maximum period of 24 hours.

Custom development

We have available a technical development team to attend the requests and suggestions of our clients.

Urgent SMS

We offer an exclusive channel of SMS sending priority for the transactional messages, giving priority to the transactional SMS, with the objective of guaranteeing the greatest delivery speed of the transactional SMS.

International SMS

We work with operators of all the world, with the objective of giving the best service quality to our clients.

24/7 assistance

With the aim of always guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and service, our team provides 24/7 attention, including weekends and holidays.

Maximum security ISO 27001

Maximum security ISO 27001

To guarantee safety and quality, a series of measures and certifications (ISO 27001) have been implemented that provide a guarantee that the main regulations on quality and safety are complied with.

We offer the maximum security of our servers, privacy of the database to our clients, guarantee of delivery of the SMS and a series of action protocols in front of risky situations.

First platform with
Google verified SMS

Your transactional sendings will be 100% reliable for your customers.

Through this service your SMS will include your company's name and the logo in the sender, in addition of to a verification badge in the thread of the message.
The verified SMS works verifying, for each message, that the content is send by a specific company.

SMS verified by Google
Cases of success

Success stories

Our proven results of activating a Transactional SMS campaign

  • 89% of our clients confirmed having optimized their employees time and of their communications
  • 97% of more loyal customers
  • 40,3% the increase of your sales
  • 64% of the consumers consider that the SMS have been useful to improve your user experience

Clients that already trust on us for their transactional communications

Some of the technologies that you can use to implement the transactional SMS from your own software


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An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

More than 20 years experience

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