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Automatic transactional calls

Send critical voice communications via API to mobile phones and landlines

With our Voice API you will be able to integrate directly and efectively automated voice calls for funny marketing campaigns or critical communications such as verification codes, emergency warnings, appointments or dates confirmations.

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Provide your clients the super power of the interaction.

Integrate the automated voice Calls in less than 3 hours

Voice APIs

Through our Voice APIs you will be able to integrate this powerful channel in your own software and applicative in a simple, efficient and safe way.

Technical compatibility

Our APIs adapt to your programming language with hundreds of samples to make it very easy for you.

Access to our developers environment or contact our technical team without commitment

Transactional voice calls for companies

High value functionalities at a few cents per call. The calls that are not answered will not be billed.

Reach 100% of your database with voice messages

The voice messages and the interactive voice calls are ideal to impact your mobile devices and landlines database.

Furthermore, our exclusive retry policy will guarantee an answering rate of above 20% for your marketing campaigns and above the 90% for Transactional Voice calls.

Reach the 100% of your database
Increase the interaction with your clients

Increase the interaction with your clients

Keyboard dialing interaction system

Through the keybord dialing interaction system you will provide your customers the option of being able to interact with your message: pass him to an agent, repeat the activation code or evaluate the service, among many other options.

Measure and store the answers of your audio campaigns

Receive all the notifications of answered calls and interactions of keypad through API to feed your databases.

We will provide you with valuable information about who has answered each call, during how much time and which options of the keypad were used.

Increase the interaction with your clients
Woman talking on the phone

We provide you an impeccable and safe communication service, integrated in an efficient way in your system so that your clients receive the information that they need in the precise moment

Send activation codes and passwords
Alerts and warnings
Confirm reservations or appointments
Inform about the status of the hired products
Notify agreements expirations
Send valuable evaluation surveys
Filter calls interested in new products or services
Manage outstandings and issues

Example of use of the transactional calls

The "interactive automated call" campaigns have uncountable applications. We show you some.

Calls for appointments management

Reduce the cost of time using the interactive voice calls to generate all kind of appointments. Complete your agenda or reduce the one-time unsuscriptions with this template.

Logistics and urgent notices

Make sure your employees or customers are informed of last minute changes automatically, through the most appropriate channel for them: calls.

Valuation surveys

Set the value of your customers by conducting surveys on your services automatically, and analyze all responses from the statistics panel.

Payments and invoicing management

Automate the payment reminders or issues with the invoicing using the payments template. Start to obtain benefits automatically.

Reminder calls

Optimize your employees' time using the Reminders option. Start taking care of your clients in the more efficient way for your business.

Funny campaigns

Create brand memory and obtain benefits automatically. Make that your interactive voice campaigns gain the attention of the recipient awakening the most creative side.

Call center

Reduce the Call Center costs. Provide a Customer Support service of an excellent quality, directed to the sales agents in the really interested cases in the service/product.

Customized promotions

Save costs with simultaneous and personalized calls to report a specific product or promotion.

PIN confirmation calls

Maximum security to verify and inform the registration or activation codes through automatic calls.

20 years providing direct and quality B2C connections Contact your clients in a more personal and direct way.

What makes unique our automatic transaction calls?

Retry policy

Until 10 call retries to guarantee the highest answer rate.

Interactions of the keyboard

Multiple possibilities of keyboard interaction to supply your customers with the maximum interaction capacity.


Of your sending for a concrete day or time in different time zones

Customized voices

It includes a portfolio of more than 20 voices so that you can choose the one that adapts better to your message, and you will also be able yo use your own audio file.


You will be able to customize each campaign, choosing the template, name of campaign, sender, etc.

Filter to your Call Center

Filter hot calls to your call center and fragment the sending to avoid saturation.

Maximum security ISO 27001

To guarantee safety and quality, a series of measures and certifications (ISO 27001) have been implemented that provide a guarantee that the main regulations on quality and safety are complied with.

We offer the maximum security of our servers, privacy of the database to our clients, guarantee of delivery of the SMS and a series of action protocols in front of risky situations.

Certified transactional calls

Level of Service agreement

We provide a continuity of service higher than 99,9%.

24/7 assistance

With the aim of always guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and service, our team provides 24/7 attention, including weekends and holidays.

Custom development

We have available technical development team to attend the requests and suggestions of our clients.

Ticket management

We compromise to open an investigation and give answer to all tickets in a maximum period of 24h.

Real 100% Compromise

Try our platform without commitment and perform tests without costs

Be free! Hire our service with no commitment.


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An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

More than 20 years experience

24/7 support

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