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Transactional mailing

Send your transactiona e-mails in an easy and safe way through API

Integrate your software or applicative and send transactional or marketing communications in real time.

A transactional e-mail is a kind of e-mail that is send automatically as an answer to a specific action of the user like a purchase, appointment, notidications or registrations.
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Increase your sales , build customer loyalty and optimize your time with automated email campaigns.

+ than 26,000 satisfied clients in 40 countries are using 360NRS as automated communication platform

Easy connect

Integrate the mailing sendings in any platform with our e-mail HTTP API. Connect via HTTP in a simple way, validating the IP from which you would like to connect, using the user and password of 360NRS.

Send automatically

Make all kind of e-mail sendings in an automatic way. We allow you the maximum customization in each campaign and senders and customized files, in addition to free templates.

Statistics and confirmations

We provide you accurate and advanced statistics of all your the interactions with your e-mail. You will be able to obtain the confirmation of the sending and reception in real time. List all your sendings, schedule them or filter them as you wish.

Establish more personal connections and profitable is possible with our transactional e-mail solution

Transactional mailing

Join the action-reaction and do not let any business chance to escape. Automate all the interactions with your web and get new customers through the Transactional E-mail.

Save time and money with the transactional mailing
Simplify and save time with the automatic e-mail sendings

Integrate through API your software or applicative in an east way and in a single time. We are in charge of making that all your sendings are a success!

In addition, our API allows you to access to all the features of 360NRS using Json, with free technical support.

Access to our transactional E-mail API testing environment
Increase the sales with transactional e-mails

The transactional e-mails have an opening rate higher than the Marketing E-mails given that it is a communication that the user is waiting for.

Therefore, it is a perfect and direct channel to launch your loyalty program, cross selling or gaining abandoned carts.

Increase the sales of your business with transactional mailing
Mailing without SPAM
It arrives directly to your inbox

Real time communication

The option of the communication in real time and customized with your client contributes to create long term trustable relationships, translating into clients more loyal to your brand and therefore into more purchases.

It generates a trust relation

Remove your client's worries or doubts offering them useful information in each contact with your brand.

You will achieve that your clients feel safer using a personal and direct perspective.

Trusted mailings
Join the action-reaction and do not let any business chance to escape.

Automate all the interactions with your web and get new customers through the Transactional E-mail.

Abandoned cart
Confirmation of the registration
Order confirmation
Tracking the sending of an order
Reset passwords
Availability alerts
Customer experience - Satisfaction surveys

20 years developing communication innovative solutions +26.000 satisfied clients in 40 countries.

What makes that our transactional mailing solutions are unique?

Level of Service agreement

We provide a continuity of service higher than 99,9%.

Dedicated IP for your business

This system will contribute to a better reputation of your sender avoiding that your IP is kept in a blacklist.

Mobile First

We are commited to offer a unique experience to the final user, for this we work under the concept "mobile first" in all your communications.


You can customize each campaign, choosing the template, campaign name, sender, etc.


List of tags to add to the campaign. The tags can be used to filter the statistics in the dashboard.

Scheduled sendings

Update the scheduled date of a sending, some or all your scheduled sendings. With the deletion you will be able to remove a sending, some or all your scheduled sendings.

Ticket management

Through our ESMSM policy we compromise to open an investigation and give answer to all our tickets in a máximum period of 24h.

24/7 assistance

With the aim of always guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and service, our team provides 24/7 attention, including weekends and holidays.

Custom development

We have available technical development team to attend the requests and suggestions of our clients.

Maximum security ISO 27001 in the sending of automated e-mails

To guarantee safety and quality, a series of measures and certifications (ISO 27001) have been implemented that provide a guarantee that the main regulations on quality and safety are complied with.

We offer the maximum security of our servers, privacy of the database to our clients, guarantee of delivery of the SMS and a series of action protocols in front of risky situations.

ISO27001 certification

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An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

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