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RCS Messages

Discover the evolution of SMS to strengthen trust in your communications.

Improve your customers' experience and trust thanks to RCS (Rich Communication Services Messaging). Send interactive and more attractive messages, including images, videos, audio, and much more. Additionally, your messages will include a verification badge and the name, logo, and website of your company.

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Why do large companies use RCS messages?


Verified Messages

71% of users feel more secure receiving verified messages.


Boost your communication

More than 420 million monthly users use RCS.



80% of consumers find the idea of receiving communications via RCS attractive.

Reading rate

Reading rate

RCS has a reading rate approximately 35% higher than that of emails.

The messaging channel to innovate and impact your multichannel campaigns

A service without limitation and thousands of possibilities for your business.

Through 360nrs you can send your most visual communications massively and personally, showing your brand, link to your website, images, graphics, QR codes, videos...

sms vs rcs

A more solid interaction within companies and clients with RCS Business Messaging . Your RCS Messaging campaigns will include the name of your company and the logo in the sender, in addition to a verification badge in the thread of the message

Key results for companies using RCS from Google

430 million people use this service

Verified sender

Your messages will include a Google verification badge.

You can customize the sender with your company's logo, colors, website, description, and image.

Increase conversions


Your messages will always reach the inbox.

Unlike SMS that sometimes end up in the spam folder, your RCS messages will always reach the Google messages inbox.

Increase conversions

Communicate with everyone

If your campaign includes devices not compatible with RCS, don't worry!

Automatically, our platform sends a standard SMS, ensuring your message reaches your entire database.

Communicate with everyone

Eliminate the possibility of phishing

By registering your company, it completely eliminates the possibility of smishing attempts.

In addition, thanks to the verification badge, trust in your messages will increase.

Increase conversions

Rich content

RCS multimedia

Send more attractive messages that include images, videos, audio, locations, files, and buttons, enriching the communication experience for your customers.

Increase conversions

Real-time statistics

Make smarter decisions based on your results.

Analyze in more detail and effectiveness the results of your RCS Business Messaging campaign through the most detailed campaign statistics.


Register now and boost your business through the RCS messages Enjoy FREE BALANCE without hidden costs and without commitment.

Discover why our clients choose us

+ 26000 satisfied customers in 40 countries use 360nrs

Ease of use

In just a few seconds, you can easily create your basic RCS campaign or one with multimedia content.

Premium functionalities

Fragmented sends to avoid overloading your web server, schedule your sends easily or set an expiration date so your customer doesn't receive your offer.

Reliability and fair price

Send RCS, enriched messages, for the same price as an SMS. Additionally, you will only pay for the messages sent.

Frequently asked questions about RCS messages

Answer all your questions about 360nrs RCS messages

What are RCS messages?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) messages are the evolution of SMS, offering advanced functionalities such as sending images, videos, or GIFs. In addition to including more attractive multimedia content, they will show your name and image as the sender and a verification badge. Allowing richer and multimedia communication between users and companies.

Are RCS more expensive than SMS?

The cost of RCS messages, despite having premium features, is similar to that of SMS. You can check the price of RCS messages in our rates.

Differences between RCS and SMS

Unlike SMS, which are limited to text and simple links, RCS allows you to send images, videos, and other multimedia content, as well as features like read confirmations and sender verification.

How do RCS improve the customer experience?

RCS enrich the client-company interaction by enabling more interactive and personalized communications, such as real-time order confirmations, chat support, and personalized promotions with enriched content.

Are RCS secure for sending sensitive information?

RCS are designed with modern security protocols, including end-to-end encryption, making them suitable for sending sensitive information, although their security implementation may vary by carrier. In addition, by including a verification badge, you will avoid the risk of your company suffering from phishing.

How do I measure RCS/SMS marketing campaigns?

You will be able to measure the effectiveness of your RCS marketing campaign in our statistics, where you can check metrics such as open rates, link clicks, conversions, reading, and engagement of your campaign.

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