Send SMS from your Hubspot account thanks to the integration with 360NRS

Integration 360NRS & Hubspot

Send bulk SMS to your clients database from CRM Hubspot thanks to 360NRS
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How can I start sending bulk SMS from HubSpot with 360nrs?

Workflow integration Hubspot 360NRS

What does the 360NRS integration with HubSpot allow me to do?

Use Hubspot´s main functions and start sending SMS to your customers

SMS HubSpot Workflows


You can add an SMS sending action through 360nrs at any time, including custom HubSpot fields in your text message.

SMS HubSpot Timeline


In this section you can check all the events executed with Hubspot related to the SMS. As for example: SMS sent, SMS not sent, SMS delivered, SMS not delivered, ...

CRM extension

CRM extension

The CRM Extension option gives you the possibility of sending SMS messages through 360NRS individualy, directly from each of your contact´s tab.

How can I integrate Hubspot with 360NRS?

  • In order to integrate 360NRS with Hubspot you must connect 360NRS to Hubspot.
  • To do this, go to the Integrations menu inside Tools on the superior tab
  • By clicking on the CONNECT button you will be redirected to Hubspot where all your accounts will be displayed:
  • Select the account you want to connect and accept the permissions.
  • After accepting the permissions you will be redirected back to 360NRS where, if everything went well, your account will now appear as connected.
How can I integrate Hubspot with 360NRS?

Technical considerations Download documentation for Hubspot integration

In order to ensure a correct integration, please bear in mind the following considerations:

  • The senders can be numeric or alphanumeric. For numeric senders the maximum length is 15 characters and for alphanumerics 11 characters.
  • A standard SMS has a maximum of 160 characters using the GSM7 codification. Special characters will be automatically replaced by the most similar character in the GSM7 codification. E.g. á is not supported by the GSM7 codification, so the system will automatically change it to for an a. You can find all GSM7 characters supported in the annex.
  • Some characters included in the GSM7 codification count as 2 characters. You can also find the double characters in the annex.
  • If the length of SMS is greater than the maximum, the system will concatenate the necessary SMS up to a maximum of 5 SMS. (the end user receives a single message)
  • You must register on 360NRS, complete your tax profile and add balance to your account.
  • Mobile phones must be uploaded using the international format. Otherwise, they can not be delivered correctly.

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Add a bulk SMS sending action from HubSpot or send individual SMS directly from each contact's file and get the status of your messages at any time (sent, not sent, delivered and not delivered).
In addition, get also complete statistics from 360nrs.

Sign in 360NRS and send SMS from Hubspot