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Solutions for sending tickets and entries via SMS and Email.

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Tickets and entries via SMS and Email

Discover our ticket and entry sending system via SMS and Email.

Offer your customers the convenience of receiving their tickets directly to their mobiles, ready to be scanned and enjoyed in an instant.

Tickets via SMS and email

Why use our tickets or entries service via SMS and Mail?

+26.000 satisfied clients in 40 countries use 360NRS


Create a unique experience for each event. With our system, you can personalize each entry according to the event image or your customers' preferences, making them feel valued and special.

Ease of use

Our Drag & Drop editor and our platform stand out for their ease and simplicity. In just a few clicks, you can generate and send tickets and entries to your customers, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Detailed tracking

Track your customers' behavior in detail. You will be able to know if they have been received by your customers, if they have been opened, and if they have been clicked, giving you a complete view of your customers' interaction.


Add CTAs to your posts that redirect your customers to the website to make new purchases or view upcoming events of great interest to them. Add your main social networks to increase the number of followers!


Re-engage with your customers based on their behavior, if they haven't opened their entries? Send them a reminder. Have others clicked on the link? Thank them with a discount. You will be able to provide a personalized and unique experience.


Optimize your time by sending your tickets via SMS or Email automatically. You will save time, and ensure that your customers receive their entry or ticket at the right time.

Custom format

You choose the type of code for your tickets! In our editor, you can select and generate everything from QR codes to barcodes, choosing from over 20 different formats.

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Discover why companies opt for ticket issuance via SMS and email

  • Immediate delivery: Reach your customers' devices in less than three minutes.
  • Accessibility: Users can access their tickets anywhere and anytime.
  • Data analysis: Collect data on preferences and behaviors based on their response.
  • Security: Virtual tickets reduce the risk of loss or theft compared to physical tickets.

Some examples of uses of tickets by SMS and email

Discover the many possibilities of the mobile ticketing service

Concert tickets

Concert tickets

Register the concert details on the platform, choose the recipients from the customer list, and send the tickets by SMS or email.

Store tickets

Store tickets

Upload purchase details to the system, select buyers, and send purchase tickets directly to their mobile phones or emails, including barcodes or QR codes for validation.



Enter the event data and participants into the platform, personalize the accreditations with the necessary information, and send them via SMS or email for attendees to present upon entry.

Gift cards

Gift cards

Set up gift cards with personalized amounts and messages, select recipients, and distribute these cards via email or SMS, providing a unique code for redemption in-store or online.

Boarding passes

Boarding passes

Automate your campaign and have your passengers receive their tickets and boarding passes directly on their mobile phones hours before their trip. Your tickets will include a unique and distinctive QR code for each ticket.

Sports subscriptions

Sports subscriptions

At the beginning of the season, add the data of your subscribers and ensure they receive their sports subscription without the need for queues. Your fans will be able to purchase their match tickets in one click via SMS and show them at the entrance with their mobile.