SMS from Salesforce through integration with 360nrs


Easily add SMS to Salesforce with 360nrs. Send bulk SMS to your customers through CRM Salesforce. Sign up at 360nrs and try it for free

Salesforce is a platform that manages relationships with customers, one of the most powerful CRM in the market, if you use this tool and want to communicate with your contacts, we have the best combination for you.

The integration of 360nrs with Salesforce allows you to send and receive SMS easily from Salesforce using the best features of it.

360NRS will make it even easier to communicate with your databases in Salesforce.

Use 360nrs to communicate with your contacts, potential customers and personal accounts, so you can make the most of SMS.

Carrying out a campaign is very simple, you just have to drag and drop the components. Integrate in just a few minutes 360nrs for Salesforce. You have a support guide that will explain step by step how to do it. In addition to a 24/7 technical support team that will help you if you have any problems.

Communicate with confidence through a global and secure platform

What does the 360NRS integration with Salesforce?

  • Improve the SMS price of the native Salesforce app.
  • Create a journey builder to send SMS to your contacts.
  • Certified SMS campaigns to your database.
  • Salesforce integrated stats.
  • Define SMS expiration date.
  • Use custom fields to improve the conversion of your SMS campaigns.
  • GSM7 and UTF 16, for extended characters and emojis.
  • Ability to send concatenated SMS.
  • Ease, simplicity and speed of installation.
  • Send enriched SMS using hyperlinks with URL shortener.

How do I integrate Salesforce with 360NRS?

  • In order to integrate 360NRS with Salesforce Marketing Cloud it is necessary to make the connection between 360NRS and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • To do this, go to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, enter the AppExchange and choose from the 360NRS menu.
  • Pressing the CONNECT button will take you to the Login screen, where you must enter the data of your 360NRS account.
  • After entering the credentials you will be redirected back to the initial view where, the disconnect button will appear.
How do I integrate SALESFORCE with 360NRS?

Now you can enjoy all the functionalities of Salesforce together with the robust platform 360NRS

Boost your company's sales and build up customer loyalty!

Add a bulk SMS sending action from SalesForce or send individual SMS in each contact’s file and get the shipping status at any time (sent, not sent, delivered and not delivered).
In addition, get also complete statistics from 360nrs.

Register at 360NRS and send SMS from SalesForce