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360NRS & Zapier integration

Automate your SMS sendings and synchronize your events with Zapier

Sign up, connect your APP and send SMS with 360NRS. Incredibly simple.

Connect, synchronize and send SMS with 360NRS and Zapier

Connect immediately 360NRS with more than 25 applications to automate your job and find productivity superpowers

Zapier and 360NRS integrations
Connect 360NRS with Google calendar

How can I send SMS with Zapier:?

Simply choose an event that starts Zapier, then choose what job should happen automatically.
You will be operating in very few time.

Sign up free

Create a free account in our 360NRS platform.


Choose an application and event: look for the APP from which you want to use data, contacts and/or events to perform your SMS sendings.


Choose the 360NRS APP and connect: Search the app in 360NRS and connect introducing your registration data.

Set up SMS and send

Create your SMS campaign from Zapier. Now you will be able to use any parameter, contact, customized file or event from your origin application to automate the sending of your SMS.

Download the documentation for the integration with Zapier Download detailed documentation to integrate 360NRS with Zapier step by step

How to integrate Zapier with 360NRS?

For the use and integration of the Zapier module it is necessarey to have an account on the 2 platforms.

1. Sign up in Zapiet

Sign up in Zapiet

To create it you just have to access here and introduce your details for the registration. In a matter of seconds you will have your account ready!.

2. Create a free 360NRS account

Sign in 360NRS

The next step, in case you still don't have it, is to create a free 360NRS account here.

3. Connect the accounts

Regístrate en Zapier

Access to and click in "My Apps" Search in 360NRS "Connected Accounts" and log in with your 360NRS account.

Send SMS through Zapier with any of the applications available in this platform. Simple and fas. Shall we start?

How does Zapier work?

Zapier allows you to connect applications to each other

In Zapier there are two types of applications, the applications that trigger events and those that execute actions.
360NRS for Zapier is an application capable of sending SMS when any event of any application is produced with all the information that the application provides.
Consult the detailed documentation where you will be able to see step by step all the features and possibilities of integration and sending.

Connect with your Marketing applications

A channel with multiple functionalities that adapt to your needs

Connect with Advertisements of potential clients of Facebook:

Send a promotional SMS when a new potential client arrives

This Zap will be activated each time a new potential client follows your call to action.
In this way, you will be able to encourage the purchase in your website or physical store automatically.

Conecta con Zapier
Connect with Active campaigns:

  • Get this potential client that has made click in the link of your campaign through SMS. With the new click trigger link in the campaign, you will reinforce your communications through the Marketing SMS.
  • Recover the unsuscriptions of your Database contacts: activate a promotional or attracting SMS when a contact unsuscribeas a result of an e-mail sent.
  • Increase your sales and the effect of your campaigns through the SMS: inform, in an authentic way, when you create a new offer.
Activate Zapier campaigns
Connect with Click funnels:

  • Decrease the percentage of abandoned carts: send a promotional SMS so that your clients finish their purchase. This trigger will be activated when a failed purchase is made.
  • Create a trusty bond with your client: thank him through a SMS for the purchase made and inform of the status of the purchase that he has made.
Zapier click funnels

Automated marketing: your best ally. Potentiate your company through Zapier and 360NRS

Connect with your CMS (Content Management System)

Integrate in an easy way the SMS inside your own Back Office

Connect with WooCommerce

Connect with WooCommerce, the electronic commerce platform for WordPress

  • Voucher: Send a SMS with a discount voucher when a user is X weeks without making any purchase.
  • Suscription: Send a SMS when a user has suscribed to your newsletter list. In this way, you will keep informed the possible clients with news and promotions of your products.
Zapier and Woocommerce connection with 360NRS
Connect with Shopify

Connect with Shopify the electronic commerce platform

  • Decrease your abandoned carts: send a promotional SMS when a cart is abandoned. Decrease your abandoned carts: send a promotional SMS when a cart is abandoned.
  • Create a trusty bond with your client: Thank him through a SMS that he has made a new purchase.
  • Create a good post-sell experience: keep your client informed once the status of his order has been updater or it is "cancelled" through a SMS.
Send SMS from Shopify

Join the non-stress marketing. Automate your SMS sendings

Connect with Google Suite

Increase the conversion and the productivity of your company

Connect with Google calendar

Confirmations and reminders through SMS and Google Agenda

  • Send a confirmation of appointment SMS whn you add a new client to your calendar. In this way, you will manage to reduce the percentage of cancelled appointments through the SMS reminder.
  • Inform your clients about modifications of his appointment and keep them updated about any new on this subject.
  • Communicate via SMS and in an automated way the cancellation of arranged appointments in your calendar.

Also connect with

360NRS integration with Google Calendar

Discover all the potential of 360NRS with Zapier Download our documentation and join the automation

Connect with your CRM

Convert your leads in clients and your clients in recurring buyers.

Connect with Hubspot

Connect with HubSpot

  • Send customized promotions through SMS in an automated way when there is a new offer available.
  • Inform about new products: activate the SMS sender when you have created or updater a product recently.
  • Keep your customer informed in respect of his issue with your company through the SMS. For that, activate the automatic SMS sending when there is a new ticket available.
Connection with Zapier and Hubspot with 360NRS
Connect with Zoho CRM

Connect 360NRS with Zoho CRM through Zapier

  • Send a new offer through SMS when a new potential client is created.
  • Communicate the welcome to your platform or online store through an automatic SMS when a new client is created.
Zapier 360NRS zoho