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SMS, Mailing and Voice for online shops and eCommerce

Marketing solutions

Multichannel Platform with SMS , Mail , Voice, WhatsApp and RCS sending solutions for online stores.

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Our SMS, Mailing, Voice, and WhatsApp solutions are ideal for:



Beauty and health


Real estate agents

Decoration and home

Travel and entertainment

Animals and pets


What can your ecommerce achieve with 360NRS ?

Unify your communications in a single platform, improve communication with your customers, and increase the conversion of your campaigns. From any channel, safely and effectively.

Recover the abandoned charts

Approximately 70% of carts end up abandoned in online stores.

Recovering those potential customers who have been about to buy in your online store will be very easy with our tailor-made solutions.

Through our channels you can automatically create reminders for all added items and add a promotion or discount that encourages your customers to complete their purchase.

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Recover Abandoned Carts

Generates relationships of trust

Build loyalty with your users and customers.

Communicate in real-time and personally with your customers. Inform them about: order confirmations, failed payments, stock alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, activation codes, passwords, and more.

You will achieve a long-term trust relationship and, therefore, more sales with loyal customers to your brand.

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Build relationships of trust

Encourage repeat purchases

Our relational marketing solution will allow you to win over your customers through loyalty programs.

Create your own loyalty club through our channels and increase your e-commerce sales through personalized and exclusive offers for your VIP customers.

90% of the subscribers of a loyalty club via SMS have a greater feeling of being enjoying real advantages.

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Recurring purchase in eCommerce

Promotions y discounts

Throughout the year there are key moments that become an opportunity to increase sales.

Generating more traffic to your website and creating real opportunities is possible throughout the year through our different channels.

Direct, fast and inexpensive communication.

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Online promotions and discounts

Listen to your customers

Differentiate yourself from your competition by providing the best experience for your customer.

With our service you will be able to create all kind of forms or surveys, customizing it with your corporate image and send it to your clients.
All this, in bulk or automated through SMS, Email, Voice, or WhatsApp.

Improve your customer service by communicating directly with them via WhatsApp.
In addition, we provide you the most complete statistics in real time so that you can analyse and manage in detail each one of the answers.

Get it through:

Join your communications in one single platform.

Improve communication with your customers and increase the conversion of your campaigns.
From any channel, safely and effectively.

Download our guide free Discover the keys in our Multichannel Marketing guide to increase the average ticket.

Integrate your e-commerce

You can also integrate your e-commerce with 360NRS through our modules for Prestashop, Magento, or Klaviyo.

Accurately measure and analyze your results

A complete multichannel platform, with all kinds of functionalities to improve the communication with your clients and increase the conversion of your campaigns. From any channel, in a safe and effective way.

eCommerce marketing campaign statistics

FAQs about solutions for online stores by 360nrs

Answer all your questions about our e-commerce solutions.

How can digital marketing for ecommerce improve my online store sales?

Our multichannel solutions optimize customer interaction and increase conversion rates, using digital marketing strategies specific to ecommerce that capture and convert more visitors into customers.

What advantages does SMS ecommerce offer for recovering abandoned carts?

Ecommerce SMS is a direct and effective tool to recover abandoned carts, allowing you to send personalized reminders and attractive offers that motivate customers to complete their purchases.

How can I use WhatsApp for ecommerce to improve communication with my customers?

WhatsApp for ecommerce allows real-time communication, offering order confirmations, shipping alerts, and instant support, which improves the customer experience and fosters brand loyalty.

How does ecommerce mailing help retain customers for an online store?

Ecommerce mailing facilitates the sending of personalized communications such as newsletters, exclusive offers, and important updates, keeping your customers informed and engaged with your brand.

What marketing strategies for ecommerce do you recommend to increase repeat purchases?

We recommend using loyalty programs and personalized offers sent via SMS and email, designed to motivate repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

What are the benefits of integrating the WhatsApp Business API into my digital ecommerce marketing strategy?

Integrating the WhatsApp Business API into your digital ecommerce marketing allows you to automate responses and send mass messages, improving communication and significantly increasing interactions with customers.

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