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RCS Business

The evolution of the SMS to be more connected.

The perfect combination between the SMS and the instant messaging to communicate with your clients.

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Why the big companies are using them?


100% guaranteed delivery

If the contact to which you send the RCS message does not have this service enabled, the message sent will become a SMS message. So that your communications will be always received.


Boost your communication

They boost the communication up to a 300% due to its bulk impact and improves the client's experience with visual and interactive content.



Improve the confidence in your communications in a 72%, given that verify your business includes the logo of your company, description of the service and a verification badge that will completely remove the phishing possibility with your brand.



Service available in 36 countries and more than 46 operators capable for the development of the RCS, within them the Google RCS and the Microsoft RCS

The essential complement for your multichannel campaigns

A service without limitation and thousands of possibilities for your business.

Through 360NRS you will be able to send your communications in a massive and personalized way showing your brand, promotional images, graphics, QR codes, videos, buttons and even share the location of your business.

sms vs rcs

A more solid interaction within companies and clients with RCS Business Messaging . Your RCS Messaging campaigns will include the name of your company and the logo in the sender, in addition to a verification badge in the thread of the message

Make your company grow with the RCS for companies

430 million people actively use this service

Increase the conversions of your campaign

Expand your message without character restrictions and include images or videos.

Automate all your communications and send discount codes or promotions for new services based on user interaction with your website or app.

Increase conversions
Improve the user experience

Use the geo-localization as part of your marketing strategy.

Send personalized promotions when your client is near your establishment. Or create a real time follow up about your orders to keep your client informed in every moment.

RCS messages for companies
The digital transformation for your company

An ally for your Conversational Marketing, create relevant dialogues with your chatbot connected to RCS through API.

Improve your support to clients with the customization that provides you in a bulk way and without the need that the client enters your website or downloads your application.

Your safest commercial messages

Without spam folder and bigger reach

The messages RCS Business Messaging will be sent with the name of your brand, the logo and a verification badge from Google side. So that your message will go directly to the main folder of your client's handset.

Commercial messages for companies
Statistics in real time

Take smarter decisions depending on your results

Analyze in great detail and effectiveness the results of your RCS Business Messaging campaign: Total of sent messages, confirmation of reading, the kind of interaction with your message or CTA and answers obtained.


Register now and boost your business through the RCS messages Enjoy FREE BALANCE without hidden costs and without commitment.

Find out why our clients choose us


Ease of use

In only few seconds you will be able to create customized SMS campaigns, segmented, with Landing Page, etc.

Coverage and speed

Worldwide coverage and high sending speed. We provide since the beginning the possibility of sending 150 SMS per second to more than 180 countries thanks to our direct connections.

Reliability and fair price

We have connections with back-up operators so that you are never affected by a service outage, and you only pay for the SMS you send.


We help you to create direct links with your clients With our platform you can customize the sender or text with any field in your database for your campaigns.

Ticket management

Through our ESMSM policy ("Every SMS Matters") we undertake to open investigation and respond to all tickets within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Premium functionalities

Fragmented sendings to avoic blocking your web server, programming your sendings in an easy way paying attention to day and time or programming an expiry date so that your client does not receive the offer when it has expired.

Clients that already our service use


and try without commitment

An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

More than 20 years experience

24/7 support

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