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Multichannel Marketing for the

Create more effective campaigns and
increase sales of your business

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Mass communication solutions of SMS, Email and Interactive Voice at the best market price

Discover our Multichannel Marketing solutions adaptable to companies in any sector. Ideal solutions for:

Health & Wellness





Online casinos and sports betting


Dating Pages


Confirmation of appointments

More than 25% of clients do not show up for their appointments due to forgetfulness

Optimize your time and resources through automatic communications with SMS, Email or Voice.
From our platform you will be able to automate the SMS sending to confirm the dates that you have registered in your Google Calendar, database or own application. Send attendance reminders in the period you consider convenient or even re-schedule new bookings. Get it through:

SMS appointment reminder

Promotions and discounts

It favors the purchase decision through promotions and discounts

Increase your sales immediately and economically through Multichannel Marketing. Convert all your opportunities into sales and generate more traffic to your website throughout the year. Get it through:

SMS with discounts

Loyalty from customers

Reward your customers and build long-term relationships of trust

Create your own loyalty program and send campaigns in a fast, cheap and customized way to each user. You will reach your client directly without the need of a high budget, increasing the loyalty towards your brand and boosting the recurrent sales.

Loyalty SMS

Customer Experience

Know the degree of satisfaction of your client with your company through satisfaction surveys

With our service you can send your forms directly, visually and personally. Analyze all the results in detail and find your strongest points. Automate surveys through API when a customer makes a query or purchase.

SMS customer
Enter forms in your campaigns

Create attractive forms and analyze the results in detail.

Get to know your client in depth
Receive the answers immediately on our platform
Customize your forms and adapt them to your company
Choose from different question and answer styles
Adapt them to any channel and device
Forms in SMS

Download our guide in which we will provide you with keys to create and optimize a good Customer Database.

Join your communications in a single platform.

Improve communication with your customers and increase the conversion of your campaigns. From any channel, safely and effectively.

Intuitive online platform

In just a few seconds you can create personalized SMS, Email or Voice campaigns, segmented, with Landing Page, etc.


Manage your SMS, Email, Voice and more campaigns from a single space. Easily automate your communications or integrate with any application through our plugins and modules.

Management of your database

Obtain a total management of your contacts, divide your databases to optimize your campaigns.

Detailed statistics

Analyze accurately all the interactions of your target, get valuable reports to optimizing your campaigns and increase your sales. Create new campaigns in just a click based on the results.

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