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Mass communication services for the Software sector and
Computer Services

Boost your technological platform by generating customers through SMS, Mailing and Voice

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Our multichannel communication solutions are adapted to companies in any sector.

App Developers

Technology Consultants

Systems integrators

Custom Software Companies

CRM solutions

ERP solutions

We help you create, strengthen and strengthen your portfolio of services


Reminder of appointments

Generate and send appointment reminders of your clients to any mobile device through our channels

It offers the power of automation through appointment reminders and manages to reduce absences by 72%, facilitating the rescheduling of new reservations.
Adapt to the needs by connecting the appointment reminder with Google Calendar or any application that your client uses.
With a click the users will confirm the appointment without any kind of additional cost. Get it through:

SMS appointment reminder

Verification Codes Single Use

Provide your customers with the fastest and most efficient double authentication channels on the market

Verify the identity and / or access of users and protect their accounts. Strengthen security through direct communications with your customer.
Our service guarantees fast and reliable delivery on all our channels.
Integrate automatic verification through API in a simple and fast way: make the request to our API and receive the verification response in a matter of seconds.
No additional costs or permanence, pay only for the messages sent. Get it through:

Mail with verification codes

Promotions and discounts

Offers the possibility of increasing sales and taking advantage of all opportunities through promotional messages

Increase your customers’ conversions and generate more traffic to your website by providing the most direct channels with your user.
They will be able to create, send and analyze their best Multichannel Marketing campaigns from a single platform. Get it through:

SMS promotions and discounts

Surveys of satisfaction

The perfect tool to listen and understand customer needs

Facilitate active listening and make your users enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses through satisfaction surveys with SMS, Email or automatic Voice Calls.
A direct and economic contact that you can automate depending on the action you want (purchase, visit, abandoned cart, etc.) and that will help improve the results of your customers in the short / medium term. Get it through:

SMS satisfaction surveys

Plan loyalty

Incentivize your customers’ recurring visits or purchases with a loyalty program via SMS, Email or Interactive Voice

Through our tailored solution you can link all our channels with your CRM or application, so that your users enjoy direct and personalized communication.
The 90% of suscriptors of a loyalty club via SMS have a bigger feeling of being enjoying actual benefits. Get it through:

Loyalty SMS

Do you have a StartUp ? We help you boost your business

Discover why other software management companies use 360NRS to boost and improve their Multichannel Marketing

Mass communications through API

Send messages to a large customer base in one go. Integrate easily and economically.

Schedule shipments

Schedule all your campaigns according to your target audience. Add hour restrictions for your campaigns.

Manage your contacts

Create contact groups or lists to store in 360NRS with total security, segment your databases according to interests and add custom fields.

Platform # 1 in security

To guarantee safety and quality, a series of measures and certifications (ISO 27001) have been implemented that provide a guarantee that the main regulations on quality and safety are complied with.

Global coverage

Worldwide coverage and high speed shipping. We provide from the beginning the possibility of sending 150 SMS per second to more than 180 countries thanks to our direct connections.

Reliability and fair price

We have connections with back-up operators so that you are never affected by a service outage, and you only pay for the SMS you send.


We help you create direct links with your customers. With our platform you will be able to personalize the sender or text with any field in your Database when making the shipment.

Ticket management

Through our ESMSM policy (“Every SMS Matters”) we are committed to opening an investigation and responding to all tickets within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Integrate SMS , Email and interactive Voice with 360NRS.

Reinforce user engagement through engagement thanks to our Multichannel solutions.