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Channel combination: greater reach and effectiveness

Description of the project

Increase of 5% in orders with each multichannel campaign

Tropitop, an e-commerce specialized in the sale of tropical and seasonal fruit in Spain and Europe, stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

Thanks to the implementation of a multichannel strategy that includes SMS, email, voice calls, RCS, and WhatsApp through the 360nrs platform, they have optimized their promotional and transactional communication, as well as increased their conversion rate.
The effective use of these channels has not only generated significant economic growth but also considerably improved the customer experience.

Initial challenge

Finding a comprehensive platform

Tropitop's main challenge was to find a complete and easy-to-use multichannel marketing platform that would allow them to efficiently and automatically manage communication with their extensive and varied customer database. It was essential that this solution integrated perfectly with their PrestaShop e-commerce system, without increasing the workload of their small team.


Solution implemented with 360nrs: Multichannel

With 360nrs, Tropitop has integrated various digital communication tools into its strategy:

  • SMS and Email: Used weekly to keep customers informed about promotions, news, and the status of their orders.
  • RCS and WhatsApp: For more engaging messages and two-way conversations that strengthen the customer relationship.
  • Voice Calls: Essential for reaching customers less familiar with digital technologies.

This channel-combining strategy has proven to be highly effective for this e-commerce, increasing web visits by 10% with each campaign sent. They have achieved WhatsApp read rates of 76.32%, click rates of up to 13%, and improved the website conversion rate by 4.98%.

Additionally, the integration of the platform with PrestaShop has transformed the user experience, offering more agile, convenient, and effective processes, and improving transactional communication.

Specialized support and ongoing guidance

The Tropitop team highlights the importance of the specialized support offered by 360nrs 24 hours a day, every day of the week, providing expert guidance to make the most of the platform and develop effective communication strategies.

recibimos orientación del equipo de expertos de 360nrs sobre las mejores prácticas para nuestras primeras campañas y cómo mejorar nuestra estrategia de comunicación.

Tangible results with digital strategies

Thanks to 360nrs, Tropitop has maximized its reach and ensured that its messages reach a diverse and varied audience.

This comprehensive strategy that combines SMS, Email, RCS, voice calls, and WhatsApp has allowed them not only to increase website visits but also to improve conversion rates and strengthen customer relationships.
A clear demonstration of how a good communication strategy and the combination of various channels can elevate the success of an e-commerce in a competitive environment.

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