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SMS : the ideal channel to drive traffic to your physical store

Description of the project

How Mac Center billed over 1,142,927 Euros with 360nrs

Mac Center, a brand that is part of Grupo Davissa, a Colombian business consortium that operates prominent brands such as Nespresso and Chuck E.

Cheese has revolutionized its digital marketing strategy through the successful implementation of SMS and email with the help of the 360nrs platform.

Initial challenge: diversification and effectiveness

Mac Center, as a premium Apple partner, currently has 42 stores in Colombia and 5 in Peru.

The main challenge was to overcome the limitations of their former communication service provider, which restricted their digital marketing strategies due to the lack of options and channels.

We needed a change. We wanted to diversify our channels and improve the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Stephan Castro Head of CRM at Mac Center for Latam


Solution implemented with 360nrs: SMS and Email

360nrs enabled Mac Center to design and implement a multichannel strategy that significantly expanded their communication options.

The incorporation of SMS not only helped them achieve their goals but also optimized their budget, significantly improving Mac Center's return on investment (ROI).

Mac Center : Strategy and Results on Black Friday

During Black Friday, Mac Center launched an exclusive buyback plan for iPhone users, inviting customers to return their old mobile phones and get a discount when purchasing a new iPhone 14.

The campaign was communicated exclusively via Email and SMS, achieving notable success with revenue exceeding €1,142,927 (4,920,000,000 COP), highlighting the high 90% delivery rate in SMS.

The characteristics of this channel make it ideal for achieving great results almost immediately. Stephan Castro shared:

We reach 90% of our customers via SMS in less than 3 minutes. Today, the personalization and speed of campaign communication are of utmost importance

Stephan Castro Head of CRM at Mac Center for Latam


Key tools for Mac Center's success

The success achieved with SMS and email marketing underscores the importance of multichannel strategies and the potential of less saturated channels like SMS.

Stephan Castro has highlighted the importance of having a robust platform like 360nrs to effectively communicate campaigns, which has been key to maximizing ROI and ensuring the success of the recovery plan. This case exemplifies how a multichannel platform with experience, global support, and direct routes can catalyze a company's growth and success, effectively attracting and retaining customers.

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