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Help and frequent questions

What does multichannel mean?

360NRS is the only platform that allows you sendings of SMS, Mailing and Voice

What is a Basic campaign?

A basic campaign is the one that is made through a single channel (SMS, mailing and voice) in a single sending

What is an Automatic campaign?

An automated campaign is one that is programmed to be launched automatically responding to some event.
For example, schedule in an automatic way the sending of a greeting in the Birthday of each suscriptor.

How can I register?

The registration is completely free and withour commitment. You just have to press on the button "Sign up free" and follow the mentioned steps. Go to sign up

How to access the website?

To access the platform you must direct to our webpage: Once inside, in the upper right side, you will find the tab "Free sign up" from where you will be able to create your personal account. If you already have a registered account, you will be able o access from the tab "Log in", placed also in the upper right side of the page.

What payment methods are there?

You can pay by credit card or by wire transfer. If you choose card, the credits will appear directly in your account in this same moment. If you choose wire transfer, you will have it available in the following working days.

How to create a new campaign?

To create a new campaign you have to address to the left side panel and go into the tab "Campaigns". Once there, you will have to choose the type of campaign you want to send (SMS, mailing and voice) and after that follow the easy steps that the system indicates.

How to manage the campaigns?

To be able to manage your campaign, you have to direct to the left side menu and go into the tab "Campaigns management". There you will have available the list of all the campaigns made and also the possibility of manage them depending on your needs (duplicating them, editing, checking the statistics or removing them)

What are the surveys?

The reports are detailed files that allow you to know individually the actions carried out by the recipients of your campaign. To access to a report you will have to go into the "reports" tab in the left side menu and choose the sending date, the channel and the name of the campaign you are interested in.

What are the forms?

From our platform we also put to your disposal the possibility of creating forms depending on your needs. From the "Forms" tab of the left side menu you will be able to create your own forms and add them to your communications.

I have an issue

If you have noticed any error or you have any problem, you can send ut a ticket from your user account or indicate that you want to talk to an agent and we will get in touch with you.

How to upload a database?

Once logged in, we direct to "Contacts management - "Import Contacts" and choose the file we want to upload. The allowed formats are: XLS, CSV and TXT. We will choose the type of separator used, if the Database contatins a header or not and in the end we have to confirm that we have the consent of our clients.

What is a SMS?

It is a text message of a maximum of 160 characters that is sent between mobile phones.

What is a SMS Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a website with promotional content which is acceded through a link contained in the SMS.

Where can I check the price for SMS?

You can consult the price of the SMS by volume in the section "My prices" in our website. You can also request a custom-made budget or talking to a 360NRS agent.

What are the 2Ways SMS?

Mantain a 2way dialogue interact with your audience.
Use a virtual number and receive the replies to the SMS sent to your customers in your inbox.

  • Receive the answers in real time.
  • Enable the auto-answer to your received messages.
  • Export the received messages to csv or pdf.
  • Integrate the messages in your management software.
  • Request your number and check its power.
To which countries can I send?

We have connection with more than 180 countries. If you want to send to any country which is not in the list talk to your Account Manager or the Support Team and we will set up the route in your client account.

How do I make a sending?

To be able to do a sending you must have:

  1. Tax profile.
  2. Credits in your account.
  3. A database with all the contacts in CSV, TXT or XLS format.
What is a certified SMS?

The Certified SMS is a text message sent to a mobile phone which generates a digitally-signed certificate that is valid as evidence.
This document duly certifies the content of the message, the date on which it was sent and the status of the mailing (whether or not it was delivered to the recipient).

What does tha ACCEPTED status mean?

This status means that your message has arrived to our server.

What does tha DELIVERED status mean?

This status means that your message has been delivered to the handset.

What does tha UNDELIVERED status mean?

This status indicates that your SMS has not been delivered because the client has cancelled the suscription or has the inbox full.

What does tha REJECTED status mean?

This status indicate that your message has been rejected for not being a valid telephone number.

What does tha EXPIRED status mean?

This status indicates that your message has expired for being trying to be delivered during 72h but the number was not found operational during this period.

Do you guarantee the delivery of my e-mail campaign?

360NRS guarantees the delivery of your mailing campaigns thanks to a thorough IP reputation system and the possibility of having a dedicated IP account, which allows each user of the platform to control their own reputation. What's more, an impenetrable anti-spam control and partnership with leading certifying bodies ensure that your campaigns get where they need to go: directly to the inbox of your recipients.

Can I create a coporate template without having a design team?

Yes, we count with a mobile first HTML intuitive templates designer 100% customizable, with which you will be able to create your best e-mail campaigns with a Drag & Drop system.

How to improve the results of your mailing campaigns?

To obtain good results in the mailing it is convenient to read the mailing white book that is found in the section "Help" - "Mailing White Book".

What do I do with the hard bounces?

If we obtain hard bounces in a campaign from the section "statistics" we have the option of adding directly the hard bounces to the mailing blackist. We can also do it in an individual way, acceeding to the contact's file and marking the option "adding to the mailing blacklist".

How can I filter the contacts?

To filter the contacts we go to the left side panel, "Database" - "Contacts". On the upper part you will have the option to filter based on different conditions.

Can I customize the e-mails?

Create customized files in your Database and include them in your template. Customize without limits the content of your Mailing campaigns and talk to your clients "face to face" in order to get a deeper and long lasting relationship.

Are the e-mail templates optimized for mobile devices?

The 360NRS platform is designed to provide a unique experience to the final user under the concept "mobile first", so that the templates designed with the native editor of the platform guarantee the total legibility from any mobile device.

Can I automate my e-mail campaigns?

We give you the possibility of programming automatic campaigns and trigger campaigns, with which you will be able to create autoanswers depending on given actions of your audience, or as well automate campaigns that will be sent when determined goals are reached in your database. Thanks to 360NRS you will not miss a single chance to grow your client's loyalty.

What statistics can I obtain in my e-mail campaign?

Sent, delivered, opened, clicks per button or link, hard bounces, soft bounces, opt-outs and costs.

How do I manage the opt outs of my campaign?

The opt outs are managet automatically through our platform, therefore you will not have to worry about adding your contacts in a blacklist.

What is a newsletter?

Those are notifications that are distributed in a regular way, with the purpose of providing information of interest about promotions, offers, etc.

What is certified email?

Certified Email is an email that, once sent, generates a digitally signed certificate with legal validity as proof, thanks to a certificate that complies with eIDAS.
This document reliably certifies the content of the message, as well as the date on which it was sent and the status of the message (whether or not it was finally delivered to its recipient).

What are the automatic voice calls?

Those are bulk calls that you can make in an automatic way to all your database:

  1. Valid for cellphones and landlines.
  2. Automatic texts to voice for customized multi language calls.
  3. Possibility of uploading your own advertising spots in multiple formats.
  4. Bulk communication in a surprising format for the user.
Can I upload my own audio file?

You will be able to upload your own pre-recorded audio file with radio spots, influecers' recommendations, funny messages...or using one of our more than 40 human voices in more than 20 languages to transform text into voice.

How many interactions with the keyboard can I programme in my voice campaign?

You can programme different actions such as: Add to Blacklist, reproduce another message, send a SMS, Transfer, repeat the message or add a new submenu.

What happens in case that the recipient does not press on a not programmed key?

In the campaign you must always include an error message or omission. Namely, an audio (upload your own audio or turn text into audio) for a "Not valid" selection.

Can I programme the calls in a given time period?

Yes, in our advanced fields you will find "Allowed time" to indicate during which time zone you want us to send the calls.

Can I make a test call?

Before sending the campaign we give you the option of seeing the final result through a test call.