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Multimedia manager

Organise your work space.
Locate your images, videos, documents or corporate templates in a fast and simple way.

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All your resources in a single space

Designed to omptimize all the processes

Upload files in a simple way

Upload to 360NRS jpg or png images, pdf or csv documents which are necessary to create your Multichannel Marketing campaigns.

Locate in a simple way through the documents searcher, as many times as you need. Forget about uploading in each campaign those resources that you do not need.

Multimedia manager files
Multimedia manager files
An organized tailor crate

Create folders or sub-folders of all your uploaded files and find them in a fast way.

Create your site for products, corporate images, documents downloading etc. Our multimedia manager will allow you two kinds of presentations "Miniature view" and "Detailed view". In addition to the preview of the selected file in the left side.

Create and manage your sending templates

Through the multimedia manager you will also be able to create and upload your Landing Page, E-mail or voice pieces templates for your campaigns.

Save them by folder depending on the subject. Through our navigation bar "Files" you will see the absolute route of the folder that contains all the multimedia files.

Sending templates
Safe documents 360NRS
Your documents 100% safe

The security is in our DNA

The security is in our DNA, for which all the uploaded, created and saved documents in our 360NRS platform are safeguarded with the maximum security standards recognized in the ISO27001 certification.

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