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The most complete and precise statistics

Measure and control the results in real time

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Take intelligent decisions before starting

Which is the best hour to send the SMS campaigns? When there is better clicks rate in the mailings? Which is the best day to have an optimal answer rate in your voice sendings?

Analyze accurately all the interactions of your target, get valuable reports to optimizing your campaigns and increase your sales. Create new campaigns in just a click based on the results.

Start your sendings with 360NRS analysing the global data of the 360NRS community and taking the best decisions.

We are the first Multichannel Marketing platform sharing all the results by country, anonimously, so that your first campaign is a complete success.

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The most desired Multichannel statistics

It comprehends all the channels used in a single campaign and analyze with detail the results.
Compare, measure and create new sendings from the data provided or new contact groups based on the results.

Download your best reports in pdf, csv or share your results through a link.

Conversion funnel of your campaign

Analyze in detail the stages that your client pass through.

Our platform will classify and organize your campaign depending on the user being on sent, impacted or interacted status. In this way, you will be able to detect possible mistakes and optimize the conversion rate.

Conversion funnel of your campaign
Campaigns per devices

Discover and analyze the conversion data or impact per technological devices.

Through this consumption habit indicator, you will be able to direct your next campaigns depending on the device that generated with more openings, clicks or conversions.

Statistics per device
Costs per sending and channel

Study the cost of your campaign per sending.

360NRS provides you with the total cost of your campaign divided between the targeted contacts of your campaign and the sending of an specific channel.

Costs per sending and channel
Clicks and cost per impact or interaction

Take decisions depending on the cost of getting a first action with your campaign or sending.

The impacted users will be the ones who have opened your campaign, meanwhile the users with interaction will be those that have made click on the URL of the SMS, on a button of the mailing or on a key in the interactive call.

Cost impact interaction statistics
Users impacted or not impacted

Create new groups depending if the client has opened your campaign or not.

Optimize your database and results depending on the not impacted.

Affected users
Users not communicated in X days

Improve your relational marketing strategy taking into account the days that pass since the last communication sent.

This metric will help you to create and keep a proximity relationship with your client.

Users not communicated in X days
Total of contacts in Black List

Investigate about the contacts that have unsuscribed from your communications and find out the reason of the action.

Capture them again with all the informationg compiled with each one of our metrics.

Total of contacts in Black List

Statistics per sending

360NRS provides comparative statistics for each channel, to see in a look all your campaigns in a range of time.


We show you a preview of your sending and its content: texts, sender, links and landing page.

In order that you can know which content has worked better to you for the next sendings.

Preview of the sendings
Heat map

Identify the key zones

Our heatmap graphic allows you to identify the areas that calls more the attention of your mailing or landing page, with the purpose of analysing and improve the usability, engagement and capacity of the conversion of your content.

Heat map
Analyze the detail

Discover in a glance how has your sending worked through our Summary

We offer you the possibility of exporting new statistics per sending in csv, pdf or ling with graphics for a professional report, in which are highlighter the real time results of:

  • Total of sent
  • Delivered
  • Not delivered
  • Pending
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscriptions
Analyze the detail
Conversion rate of your sending

It is the amount of users performing an action.

The conversion rate of your sending will depend on your goal: it can be a purchase, a telephone call or the visit to the Landing Page itself.

Conversion rate of your sending
Open Rate

Represent the percentage of opened messages over the total of messages sent.

As higher is the Open Rate of your sending, there are more possibilities that the users interact with a link or landing page.

Open Rate
Click To Open Rate (CTRO)

Examine the percentage of users of your sending that finally made a click on one of the links of the message sent.

In this graphic are only taken into account the users that opened the communication (Open Rate) divided into those that finally showed interes in the button or URL.

Click To Open Rate (CTRO)
Click Through Rate (CTR)

Discover which is the CTR of your sending.

It is based in one of the most important indicators of your campaign, as it gives you a visual percentage of the total of users that made click oover the total of users that have seen your message.

Click Through Rate (CTR)