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Interactive calls for companies

Surprise the 100% of your database with more innovative voice campaigns

Call all your clients in a bulk way impacting them with a message through the less saturated channel and reach your marketing goals at a very low cost.

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Interactive voice calls
Communicate your offers immediately

You do not need a call center to launch recruitment campaigns, trust our technology so that your customers can interact with your offer through their keyboard.

Prepare your database Prepare your database
Configure keyboard interactions Configure keyboard interactions
Launch your campaign to landlines and cell phones Launch your campaign to landlines and cell phones
Launch your campaign to landlines and cell phones Start receiving calls in your call center

Discover why the big companies trust on this channel


Increase the efficiency

Increase a 650% the efficiency of your own team making bulk calls.


Costs reduction

Drastically reduce the costs of the customer's support and sales in a 60%.


Higher fidelity

100% Cloud technology easy to use and fast to implement.



Our robust servers developed adhoc guarantee a total availability of the service.

Interactive voice calls


Introduce the automated calls to your clients in a fast, efficient, reliable and safe way in your multichannel communication.

Provide your clients with the super power of the interaction through they keypad and filter the interested clients, perform voice surveys, send promotions and collect data without limits.

Download our guide free And discover how to create and implement your voice campaigns with 360NRS.

High value functionalities at a few cents per call

The calls that are not answered are not billed

Communicate through voice campaigns

Reach a wider audience and differentiate from your competitors

With our automated calls manager, you will be able to take your marketing campaigns to another lever for only few cents per call...
we only bill for the calls that are answered!
We include the following high value functionalities

Find out why thousands of companies choose us for their interactive robocalls


Ease of use

In only few seconds you will be able to create automated voice campaigns, segmented, with 5 possible keyboard interactions for your client's answers.

Coverage and speed

Worldwide coverage to all the landline and mobile phone networks. You will be able to launch your calls to any device, landline or mobile of the world.

Reliability and fair price

We have available reliable connections with own SIP Trunk so that you are never affected by a service cut, also pay only for the calls that are answered.


We help you to create direct ties with your clients. With our platform you will be able to customize the sender of the call or the content of any of the database field at the time of doing the sending.

Ticket management

We have a strick answering policy to tickets in a maximum period of 24h, thanks to our support team based on two different geographical areas.

Premium functionalities

Fragmented sendings to avoid blocking your call center, programming your sendings in an easy way paying attention to day and time or programming an expiry date so that your client does not receive the offer when it has expired.

Clients that already use the interactive atuomatec calls


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An unprecedented ROI in your transactional and promotional Marketing actions

More than 20 years experience

24/7 support

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