API integration of notifications PUSH APP



Sending PUSH APP notifications via HTTP API

Push app notifications are a vital communication channel for Apps, help retain the user, enhance the use of the app by the user and influence the sales decision.
Through them we can make all kinds of communications, depending on our objective.

What can you do with the 360nrs PUSH APP API?

  • You can send push notifications with images and URLs to increase conversions and guarantee opening.
  • Segment by customer group: Use the information available to segment and send notifications to the clients you choose.
  • Automated sendings:Make sure you send the right message at the right time through the push app, which will be activated when the user navigates through certain sections of the app.
  • Choose the delivery time:We provide the possibility of sending immediate notifications or leaving the scheduled campaigns

Consult the complete documentation for our examples of basic requests, PHP, CURL, PYTHON, JAVA, C#, …

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