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Send email through HTTP API


Sending emails using the HTTP API

Send campaigns or email actions from your own Software and benefit from the advantages that our own development has for the integration by HTTP Mail API.
Turn your SMS into direct sales, downloads, phone calls, contact forms and much more by adding attractive landing page.

Also with the HTTP Mail API you can:

  • Make all types of emails
  • You can customize each campaign, choosing the template, campaign name, sender, etc.
  • List all your shipments, program them or filter them as you want.
  • Update the scheduling date of a shipment, several or all scheduled shipments.
  • With the Delete you can delete a shipment, several or all scheduled shipments.
  • List of tags to add to the campaign. The tags can be used to filter the statistics in the dashboard.

Consult the complete documentation for our examples of basic requests, PHP, CURL, PYTHON, JAVA, C#, …

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