Know your customers’ opinions instantly with the 360nrs forms

Forms by Email and SMS

You can make and send surveys, capture leads, create promotions, registration forms and much more.

Create and customize each of the forms

Through the SMS and Email forms, you can perform different actions that may be interesting for your company. You will immediately know the opinion of your clients and decision making will be much easier and faster.

Design, send and measure the impact of your mailing campaigns

From 360nrs you can send the following types of form via MAIL or SMS : customer satisfaction, surveys to your employees, event planning, market research or studies

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Create customizable forms

Create customizable forms

Personalization often becomes the key to success, it makes the difference between whether we are read by the receiver or not. With the forms for SMS and Email, you can customize each survey with the recipient’s data, such as the name or order number.

Optimise your design time

Schedule your deliveries

Send your forms automatically through SMS or Email. 360nrs offers you the opportunity to schedule shipments through any channel. Enter in your SMS or Email campaign the form you want and leave it programmed, the 360nrs tool will take care of the rest.

Simple creation and in a few steps

Simple creation and in a few steps

360nrs makes it easy for you, we have designed a very simple and intuitive form creation system.

You can make all kinds of forms and save all you want to use them whenever you need them. Whatever your need, we help you cover it.

Optimise your design time

Analyze and measure your results

Know at each moment the response of each form. From the platform 360nrs you can see the results of your forms, as well as the responses of each user.

This will allow you to filter and create new groups based on the answers that users have made in the form, this will help you to optimize future campaigns.

Integrate your form campaigns with the multichannel marketing strategy

Integrate your form campaigns with the multichannel marketing strategy

As you know, 360nrs is a multichannel Marketing platform, so conducting campaigns through it allows you to obtain the synergies and the best results from each channel.

For example you can send a form by email and if after a time you have not received an answer, take advantage of another channel such as SMS to remind your customers. With this you will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and get more conversions.

Some of the companies that already rely on us

Companies that work with NRS: Carrefour Companies that work with NRS: Adolfo Dominguez Companies that work with NRS: Venca Companies that work with NRS: Master-D Companies that work with NRS: Alain Afflelou Companies that work with NRS: Acordo-certo

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