Make your users stay with you through the custom low templates of 360nrs

Create your own low templates for Email, SMS and SMS LP

Discover what you can do when a user decides to unsubscribe from your communications

When we make communications that are promotional or commercial in nature, it is important that users have complete freedom to unsubscribe from our services, at the time they want, quickly and easily.

360nrs helps you comply with the law in force through the custom dropouts

Unsubscribe templates for EMAIL and SMS
Custom low templates

However, in many cases the user is not clear about it, he has unsubscribed by mistake or we would simply like to recover it and change his mind.
To help you with this, we have created the low pages section for each of the main channels.

Enter and discover how to create your custom low templates !

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 Manage your SMS or Email downloads from 360nrs

Manage your SMS or Email downloads from 360nrs

Thanks to the 360nrs tool, you will have control and follow up of those contacts that were unsubscribed. In addition, they will be automatically added to the Black List or blacklist from the first moment they decide to unsubscribe.

Low pages without errors

Rest assured, our platform guarantees that you comply with it since you will not receive news from you from the moment you unsubscribe. Our platform will automatically filter and exclude all numbers that have been unsubscribed

You can also export the blacklist if you prefer and exclude from your database those that were discharged


Comply with the RGPD

As you already know in May 2018, the New General Regulation of Data Protection came into force. Where are collected some of the measures that companies must implement to improve the privacy and security of the data they have from users, as well as the handling of their information.

To comply with the rules 360nrs makes it easy, thanks to the RGPD forms, you can obtain the consent of your clients to receive notifications. And not only that, with the low pages you will be complying with the regulations that include the right of users to request not to receive more communications, if they so wish.

Integration with the 360nrs SMS API

Integration with the 360nrs SMS API

You can connect your application with our Contacts API and automatically manage your contacts’ losses. You can know the campaign from which it was written off.

Some of the companies that already rely on us

Companies that work with NRS: Carrefour Companies that work with NRS: Adolfo Dominguez Companies that work with NRS: Venca Companies that work with NRS: Master-D Companies that work with NRS: Alain Afflelou Companies that work with NRS: Acordo-certo

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