SMS for clubs and sports entities.


Tell members and supporters via SMS about everything related to their favourite sports and clubs.

SMS providers for sports entities from 2001

Inform members, fans and members via SMS of everything related to their favorite clubs and sports.

Hundreds of applications in the field of sport, from member loyalty campaigns for clubs to the publication of scores in real time, etc.

Bulk SMS sending offers all companies, associations and organizations the possibility of communicating and interacting both with customers and with employees or partners.

SMS solutions for sports clubs and associations.
  • Some applications in the field of sport
  • Renewal of subscriptions
  • Match and sporting event schedules
  • Information on ticket sales
  • Changes in scheduling of sporting events
  • Partner promotions

Currently, one of the sectors that most benefits from mobile Marketing is the sports and leisure or leisure sector, among other reasons thanks to the fact that the age range of the population that practices sports or idle activities coincides with that of telephone use. mobile. In this way, mass messages reach the user quickly, safely and instantaneously.

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