SMS for the Public Administration

SMS for the public sector

SMS solutions for public authorities, central government, regional governments and town councils. Streamline procedures and save costs.

SMS providers from for public institutions 2001

Streamline any type of procedure and save costs.

The sending of bulk SMS by public entities is increasingly widespread. It is the perfect communication channel and serves public institutions to manage and optimize all their efforts between them and citizens.

Cost savings in hundreds of communications to citizens.

The vast majority of public administrations have in their databases the taxpayers’ telephone number, so they can take advantage of this circumstance to facilitate communication with users, offering them a quality service.

Inform citizens about services, improvements, changes, doubts, etc. in an efficient, simple and inexpensive way.

SMS for the Public Administration

  • Some applications of SMS in the public sector:
  • Health (hospitals, relief centers)
  • Payment of taxes or fees
  • Library or public school reminders
  • Cultural agenda
  • Direct communication from police, fire, medical services
  • Public Transportation Information
  • ID card appointment
  • Notifications
  • Confirmation of events

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