Certified SMS with legal validity and reliable proof of delivery.

The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to legally certify the delivery of a message.

It allows you to have proof, with legal validity, of the date of sending and the date / time of receipt,
from where it is sent, where it is received, and the content of the SMS sent.

Provides a legally valid certification of the content of the message

What is a certified SMS?

The Certified SMS is a text message sent to a mobile phone which generates a digitally-signed certificate that is valid as evidence.
This document duly certifies the content of the message, the date on which it was sent and the status of the mailing (whether or not it was delivered to the recipient).


The Certified SMS is much cheaper than other traditional notification systems such as certified letters or registered faxes .

Valid as evidence

Valid legally as evidence in any court process because it is an official certificate.


Save costs by avoiding paperwork and help out the planet

Immediate and bulk

SMS delivery and immediate certification. You can automate processes, make automatic and bulk mailings via APIs, etc.

The Certified SMS is a form of notification that complements or even replaces other official notification systems such as certified letters or registered faxes.

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How do certified SMS mailings work?

The process is done in seconds, it is extremely comfortable and simple for the user:

  • The user conveniently sends the Certified SMS from the 360NRS platform.
  • SMS is sent from 360NRS. The operator informs 360NRS about the status of the SMS and the exact time when it is delivered to the recipient.
  • With the information received by the operators, 360NRS provides proof of receipt to the Camerfirma Certification Authority, This generates the certificate with legal validity.
  • 360NRS provides the user with the certificate in PDF format stating the date of the mailing, the number of the recipient and sender, the full content of the message and the status of the message, i.e. whether it was delivered to the recipient or not.

Some examples of certified SMS.

The Certified SMS is an ideal service for all types of entities that want to secure significant savings in the cost of their official notifications:

Town councils and other public authorities
Law firms
State and private schools
Human resources companies
Banks and building societies
Collection management
Property managers
Separation and custody processes

Check and download the certificates

 SMS sent

SMS sent

Once the SMS has been sent, you will reach the confirmation page saying that the PDF will be generated shortly to certify the mailing. It will then be sent to the section where you can consult them.

 Certified generation

Certified generation

This is when the certifying entity provides us with the digitally-signed document confirming the details of the SMS and whether or not it has been received.

Confirmed certificate

Confirmed certificate

As soon as we have the certificate, an email will be sent automatically to tell you about the availability of the corresponding certificate.

Check certificates

Check certificates

Go the "My Certified SMS" section within the platform. You'll access the enquiry page where you can see and download all the Certified SMS sent from your account.

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