SMS for banking entities

Standard SMS and certified SMS for banks

SMS for the banking industry with the possibility of integration with CERTIFIED SMS, with full legal validity.

SMS providers for banking from 2001

SMS solutions for the banking industry.

SMS is one of the most used channels by the financial, banking and insurance sectors, for communication between them and their clients.

Solutions for companies in the banking, financial and insurance industries. Integrate SMS into your bank communications. Credit alerts, account activity notifications, etc.

Automate your SMS communications to your customers and keep them informed at all times of everything related to their finances, account activity, transactions, exchanges, withdrawals, promotions, additional services, insurance, etc.

Some of the reasons why this channel has been promoted and grown over the last few years are its effectiveness, the high ROI they generate and how cheap they are compared to other communication channels.

  • Some applications in the field of banking
  • Revenue
  • Payment of standing orders
  • Promotions and gifts
  • Corporate information
  • In-company communication
  • Account activity
  • Credit alarms
  • Send SMS with full legal validity: SMS CERTIFICATES

Mobile text messages began to be used in the banking sector as an inexpensive way to send notifications to customers about new products and services. At 360NRS we are SMS providers for banks and savings banks in different countries of the world. Today, SMS has become a very powerful tool for banks, since they use messages to offer countless services.

The fundamental keys of the banking sector are security, reliability, efficiency and confidentiality. Thanks to the massive sending of SMS you will be able to communicate with your clients quickly, safely, efficiently and also in a personalized way.

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Some industries of our bulk SMS customers

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