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Automate and schedule warnings, alerts and alarms of any kind with 360nrs

Automatically send urgent alerts and notices instantly, via SMS in response to different events and situations quickly and agilely

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Automate and schedule notifications, alerts and alarms of any kind. (Automate and schedule notifications, alerts and alarms of any kind.)

Automatically send SMS alerts and notifications in response to different events and situations in a quick and dynamic fashion.

  • Some examples of SMS for alerts and emergencies:
  • Medical emergencies (notices of urgent waiting lists, operations, medical appointments, etc.)
  • Fires, floods, snow and all kinds of important weather alerts for the population.
  • Alerts from a certain geographical area. Alerts or emergencies for cities, towns or municipalities.
  • Notices to educational and sports centers.
  • Alarm services for security companies, elevators or insurance companies.

These are some of the cases in which the SMS will help you to communicate what is so important. At 360nrs we have noticed a massive increase in the demand for SMS alerts and emergencies, since in emergency situations the SMS is read in seconds, making it the fastest and most effective channel. The Voice Message service, an automatic call with the emergency information to be transmitted, is also used on these occasions.

Many of our clients use both channels, creating a trigger campaign in which they are first sent an SMS and if that SMS has not answered or no interaction has occurred with it, a voice message is sent to ensure that the urgent message , that important alert has been received by the person. You can also do it in reverse if you want, first send a voice message and if the person has not picked up the phone, proceed to send him an SMS with the alert and emergency.

If you are looking to launch SMS campaigns for alerts and emergencies, do not hesitate and contact 360nrs. We will advise you from the first moment so that you can carry out the most effective campaigns. Do you want to try the most powerful platform for free?

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