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SMS delivery to all the countries of the world with the best price guaranteed

From 360NRS, we provide you with direct SMS connections with the main carriers of the world, through our cutting edge platform, so you only have to worry about sending your SMS campaigns.
Our powerful servers and compliance with technical requirements ensure very high delivery rates.


We are the market leading platform with
more than 6,500,000 SMS sent per day

97% of your audience will read your message in less than 90 seconds through the SMS. The most effective and direct marketing channel and, with us, the best price guaranteed. Try our platform for free and get ready for an unprecedented response to your campaigns.

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Examples of bulk SMS for companies

The least intrusive, fastest and most economical channel for your SMS marketing actions


Fragmented deliveries

We know that SMS marketing has a high response rate, so in order to avoid crashes on your website because of collapsed servers, we have implemented a system of fragmented deliveries from a single database. With this feature you will be able to decide on the number of telephone numbers that will receive your SMS in each batch and the interval of time between batches, so that you can avoid the website crashing and better measure the result of your campaign.

 Schedule your deliveries

Schedule your deliveries

All deliveries can be scheduled, so you only have to worry about leaving your delivery configured so that the platform launches it on the scheduled day and time. In addition, 360NRS is designed for international marketing campaigns, so you can decide the time zone in which your delivery is dispatched. The exact date and time of the mailing is crucial to the success of an SMS campaign.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Create your own custom mailing templates, manage your databases and send to all your contacts quickly and easily. We have the most complete and easy to use SMS sender on the market. In just a few seconds, you can create customised targeted SMS campaigns, with landing page, etc.


Worldwide coverage and high speed delivery

From the beginning, we provide the possibility of sending 150 SMS per second to more than 180 countries thanks to our direct connections. Do you want to send SMS to a country that is not on the list? Talk to your Account Manager or the Support Team and we will configure the path in your customer account.

Custom sender and text

Custom sender and text

Create a direct link with your customers by personalising your messages. 360NRS enables the customisation of the SMS sender, as well as any field in the database. With our platform you can insert fields that will be automatically customised when making the deliveries, manage a single text and get thousands of different SMS in a matter of seconds.

Expiry date

Expiry date

360NRS is the only platform that makes it possible to schedule a delivery and set an expiration date so that, for example, a customer whose terminal is out of reach, does not receive your offer when it has already expired.


Reliability and fair price

We have connections with back-up operators so that you are never affected by a cut in service, in addition you only pay for the SMS that you send.

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Send bulk SMS to thousands of customers in seconds at the best rates guaranteed.

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