Automatic calls

Send bulk calls worldwide.

Reach thousands of clients no need for a call center

Customize the call with configured responses

Uses voices with native sound and multi language

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We are registered operators in the CNMC in telephone services

You don’t need a Call Center to launch thousands of calls to your clients!

The perfect tool to send massive interactive calls to the whole world: reminders, satisfaction surveys, alerts, marketing campaigns …
With the Interactive Voice system, you will increase your company’s income, improve communication with your customers and increase the efficiency of your call center..


Through 360 Interactive Voice campaigns, you can reach a large audience in minutes to send promotional offers, reminders, information or facilitate customer service.

You will increase your income, conversion rates and efficiency of your customer service center in a few minutes and at a very low cost.

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Examples of using interactive calls

“Automatic interactive call” campaigns have countless applications.We can show you some.

Promotions customized

Save costs with simultaneous and personalized calls to report a specific product or promotion.

Logistics and urgent notices

Make sure your employees or customers are informed of last minute changes automatically, through the most appropriate channel for them: calls.

Valuation Surveys

Set the value of your customers by conducting surveys on your services automatically, and analyze all responses from the statistics panel.

Management of payments and billing

Automate the claim of payments or incidents in billing using the collection template. It starts to make profit automatically.

Management of appointments

Reduce the cost of time by using interactive voice calls to manage all kinds of appointments. Complete your agenda or reduce short term leaves with this template.


Optimize the time of your employees using the Reminders option. Start taking care of your clients in the most efficient way for your business.

PIN confirmation calls

Maximum security to verify and inform the registration or activation codes through automatic calls.

fun campaigns

Create brand keepsake and get benefits automatically. Make your interactive voice campaigns capture the attention of the receiver by awakening the most creative side.

Call center

Significantly reduces call center costs. It provides an excellent quality customer service, directing sales representatives to cases that are really interested in the service / product.

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Upload your audio or convert text to voice

You can upload your own pre-recorded audio with your radio spots, recommendations from influencers, funny messages … Or use one of our more than 40 human voices in more than 20 languages to transform text into voice.

BULK SMS: Schedule your deliveries

Transfer call

You will be able to receive your customer’s call at the number you specify, an ideal functionality to filter the hot calls you receive, saving time and human resources.

Ease of use

Complete Statistics

We provide complete, real-time statistics of what calls were answered, not answered, and what interactions call recipients made. You can measure performance and make decisions based on data, in real time.


Personalize your message

Increase the return and engagement of your campaigns using personalization variables to insert names, options, or any field in your database.

Custom sender and text

Schedule your campaign

You can set schedules, frequencies and retries. If the call is not answered, it is not charged, so we guarantee a 100% return. You can use scheduling in conjunction with time zone settings and day and time restrictions to ensure that your campaigns are delivered only when your customers prefer.

Check the prices of interactive voice calls


Price per minute:

0,0255US$ /min

Prices per second
from the first minute:

0,0004US$ /seg

VAT not included
Minimum per call: 0,0255US$

Price per minute:

0,0226US$ /min

Prices per second
from the first minute:

0,0004US$ /seg

VAT not included
Minimum per call: 0,0226US$

Price per minute:

0,0269US$ /min

Prices per second
from the first minute:

0,0004US$ /seg

VAT not included
Minimum per call: 0,0269US$

Price per minute:

0,024US$ /min

Prices per second
from the first minute:

0,0004US$ /seg

VAT not included
Minimum per call: 0,024US$
Sectors of our clients

Automatic interactive calls are perfect in any sector where you want direct interaction and feedback from the end customer. These are some of the sectors of our clients.

Retail and e-commerce

Banks and savings banks

Insurance and portfolio management

Hotel sector

Travel agency

Telecommunication operators

Some of the companies that already rely on us

Companies that work with NRS: Carrefour Companies that work with NRS: Adolfo Dominguez Companies that work with NRS: Venca Companies that work with NRS: Master-D Companies that work with NRS: Alain Afflelou Companies that work with NRS: Acordo-certo

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