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Automatic multi-channel platform

360NRS is the first communication platform that allows you to manage the contents of all digital channels and to distribute communications through all of them automatically.

Simplify processes and save time

360NRS is the 360° communication platform designed specifically for the needs of companies: it simplifies processes and saves implementation time that you can devote to designing strategies and creating value content.

Easy to use and with exceptional results

360NRS groups all communications for the first time on a single, easy to use and intuitive platform, without hardware or software. You will only need an internet connection and a web browser to offer your customers a uniform and cross-sector experience, you'll be where your customers are.

Contact your customers wherever they are

360NRS allows you to enjoy unlimited automation, marking the actions that the campaign will perform when responding to the actions of your customers and creating authentic dynamic campaigns with which you will ensure that each customer in your database receives your communications through their favourite channel.

Integrate and personalise your campaigns and obtain complete statistics

360NRS combines and integrates all of your marketing campaigns, allows you maximum customisation in your communications and provides you with accurate and advanced statistics with which you can make decisions regarding future campaigns and get to know each individual receiver in your database in the most detail.

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