360NRS provides you with the simplest way to send campaigns with full guarantee of delivery.
With 360NRS, you can take your marketing to another level, ensuring that each receiver receives the right message for them, through the channel that they use the most.

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360NRS simplifies the most elaborate marketing actions for you!

From a simple campaign through a single channel, to a multi-channel trigger campaign that will evolve depending on the parameters you have set and the responses of your customers, through to automatic campaigns that will be activated in the event of any changes to your database.

We offer you all marketing channels on a single platform, with guaranteed delivery and at the best price, so you can send impactful campaigns through SMS, email, voice, push app or push web, without additional costs. Only invoiced per delivery.

You can create three types of campaign depending on your needs

Multi-channel marketing - BASIC CAMPAIGN


As simple as selecting your target and the channel of your choice, and creating your campaign in less than two minutes.

This type of campaign allows you to create effective communications in a very short time.

For example, send voicemail messages to your customers from your brand ambassadors or SMS flash sales campaigns, push app notifications if you have left the shopping cart abandoned, push web notifications to remind them of special events or an email with the offers of the week....

The only limit is your own imagination!

In addition, you'll get complete statistics and reports on your campaign results.



Add all the connections you want with your databases, set the synchronisation deadlines, and indicate the parameters that must be met to launch your automatic campaign and 360NRS will do it for you.

You can connect all the databases you want with our platform. You can set the frequency of queries, and even the columns you want to be checked.

Our intelligent platform will consult the databases that you have connected in a fully secure manner.

We'll save that data to your 360NRS account, so that your databases will be synchronised when you return.

Automatic campaigns will allow you to configure the sending of emails, SMS, push app notifications, push web notifications or voice messages every time there is a new record in your database. They will also schedule daily, weekly or monthly deliveries.



Chain campaigns in different channels depending on the actions and inactions of users

As simple as selecting your target and the channel of your choice, and creating your campaign in less than two minutes.

360NRS offers you the simplest scenario to set up campaigns that evolve depending on your customers' responses, and that will allow your campaign to jump from one channel to another depending on the responses of your customers.

For example, you can set up a bulk mailing campaign and establish a series of parameters so that, depending on whether that email has been opened or not in X amount of time, a second wave of reinforcement can be sent to those receivers by mail or by another channel.

You will have complete freedom when setting the triggers for your campaigns, and in deciding when the campaign ends.

Some of the companies that already rely on us

Companies that work with NRS: Carrefour Companies that work with NRS: Adolfo Dominguez Companies that work with NRS: Venca Companies that work with NRS: Master-D Companies that work with NRS: Alain Afflelou Companies that work with NRS: Acordo-certo

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