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What is Google Verified SMS?

It is a new service that through the validation by Google allows to verify the sender of the SMS sent by a company with promotional, informative or transactional purposes. Thanks to this new functionality your SMS Marketing campaigns will include your company name and the logo in the sender, in addition to a verification badge in the thread of the SMS.

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This new 360NRS service will help you to improve the conversions of your SMS campaign. In this way, the addressers will be able to fully trust on the messages sent by your company, generating security and preventing frauds.

The 77% of the users prefer to use verified SMS.


The 71% of the users feels safer about a company when they use verified SMS.

Verified SMS inbox

The 85% prefers the verified SMS inbox above the normal inbox.


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*Only available for Android devices

Some of the companies that already rely on us

Companies that work with NRS: Carrefour Companies that work with NRS: Adolfo Dominguez Companies that work with NRS: Venca Companies that work with NRS: Master-D Companies that work with NRS: Alain Afflelou Companies that work with NRS: Acordo-certo

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360NRS is a messaging partner of Google, due to this we manage to register your pone number and sender, so that your communications through 360NRS are a great success.

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